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National Changgeuk Company Presents WANCHANG PANSORI

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The performance takes place October 24, 2020 at the Sky Theater.

National Changgeuk Company will present Wanchang Pansori. The performance takes place October 24, 2020 at the Sky Theater.

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The stage started in 1984 with the maintenance of the master Park Dong-jin, who believed that a master singer can be born only with a master singer who has reached the level of appreciating the precious sound pansori that is thankful for being there. It is a place where one intestine leans on the drummer's rhythm in front of numerous audiences and completes the base of pansori from 3 hours to 8 to 9 hours. As such, I have been decorating with top artists for the past 36 years. This season as well, we want to open the board by carefully selecting famous singers who can enhance the value of this performance, that is, those who are accumulating strength for gaining through the belief in tradition. Performances have their vitality only when they change in line with the times, but the original pansori will shine even more when it is intact. That's why the national theater <Wanchang Pansori> held once a month is precious. It is accompanied by explanations on the back of the sound and the intestines, so you can enjoy it more abundantly.

Kim Young-ja, who stands out with her natural throat and strong voice, began to learn 'Shimcheongga' and 'Chunhyangga' from the successor of Boseongsori, Jeong Kwon-jin. Since then, he has made his own voices by studying the voices of his time, including Kim Joon-seop, Jeong Kwang-soo, Kim So-hee, Park Bong-sul, and Sung Woo-hyang. Pansori's'Sugungga' is a great celebrity window that conveyed the impression of Pansori at Carnegie Hall in the US and the Edinburgh International Festival in the UK while striving for transmission as a training assistant.

'Shimcheongga' by Kim Young-ja is a Boseong Sori of Gangsanje, which originated in the famous songwriter Park Yu-jeon, a legendary singer in the late Joseon Dynasty. It is famous for its neat and understated sound due to the clear breaks and ties in a well-organized musical composition. The profound sound of a master singer who excels in various changgeuk activities, including the expression of the ballim and aniri, adds to the style of Kang Sanje's 'Shimcheongga', and will fill the audience with violent and sometimes sorrowfulness.

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