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Cirque du Soleil Paramour - Broadway Creative Team

Production Staff

Patrice Besombes Lighting Designer
Bob and Bill Composers
Jean-Francois Bouchard Creative Guide
Andreas Carlsson Composer
Shana Carroll Acrobatic Choreographer and Designer
Telsey + Company Casting- New York
Philippe Decoufle Director and Choreographer
Nathalie Gagne Makeup Designer
Nathan Gehan Associate General Manager
Philippe Guillotel Costume Designer
Pascale Henrot Associate Creative Director
West Hyler Associate Creative Director, Scene Director
Amy Jacobs General Manager
Pierre Masse Rigging and Acrobatic Equipment Designer
Daphne Mauger Choreographer
Jayna Neagle Executive Producer
Anne Sequin Poirier Props Design
Jean Rabasse Set Designer
John Shivers Sound Designer
Olivier Simola Projection Designer
Michelle H. Tamagawa Company Manager
Bespoke Theatricals General Manager
Boris Verkhovsky Acrobatic Performance Designer
Christophe Waksmann Projection Designer
Scott Zeiger President and Managing Director, Cirque du Soleil Theatrical