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The Passengers - 2019 - Immersive

The interactive autobiographical storytelling show The Passengers takes you on a "Trans-Siberian" journey inviting you to engage in re-experiencing your past and re-thinking your present through observation and interaction with actors, and leave "the train" with a deeper understanding of your own feelings. Actors will share their darkest secrets with complete strangers. Do you want to know a secret? We are all passengers on this section of road called life.

Three courageous actors have united to immerse you into what everyone is concerned with - Fear, Death, Weather Conditions and Cancer. What are you most afraid of? Is death enough to forgive someone? How can weather drastically change your life? And what does the word "cancer" really mean?


The Players

(New York, NY)
16 Gramercy Park South

The Passengers Immersive Cast