The Braille Legacy - West End


The Braille Legacy tells the thrilling, true, inspirational and epic story of Louis Braille, a young blind boy who wanted the same chance in life as those who see and ended up improving the lives of millions of blind people around the world.

In Paris in the 19th century, blind people were victims of profound discrimination. Louis Braille, a bright young mind with a mad dream, arrives at the Royal Institute of Blind Youth, searching for the same chance as everyone else: to be free and independent. But he soon discovers that people and things aren't always what they first seem. By sheer determination and courage, he stumbles upon something revolutionary: a simple idea, a genius invention, a legacy.

Two hundred years ago, Louis Braille changed the world by inventing the tactile system of communication the Braille alphabet, liberating the "People of the Nigh" and introducing literacy, knowledge and culture to a people who were otherwise trapped. It was their journey into the light.


Running Time: 2 hours

Charing Cross Theatre

(London, )
The Arches Villiers Street


by Gary Naylor - April 25, 2017
The Braille Legacy tells the story of Louis Braille's fight for his system that allowed blind people to read by touch - music good, but book and lyrics lack excitement.