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Stomp - Off-Broadway

Starting at $25

Matchboxes, brooms, garbage cans, Zippo lighters and more fill the stage with energizing beats at STOMP, the inventive and invigorating stage show that's dance, music and theatrical performance blended together in one electrifying rhythm. Stomp has been packing in audiences at the Orpheum Theatre since 1994, and is still running strong.

Stomp is one of New York's unique entertainment experiences. A rotating cast of eight energetic young performers create rhythms and, yes, music, with their hands and feet and all manner of noisy objects, such as hammers, garbage can lids, buckets, and so on. Their technical skill is truly awesome: this perfectly synchronized ballet of juggled sticks, drums, and what-have-you is indeed thrilling to witness. Music, Dance, Theatre, Choreography or Performance Art? All of the above! Or is it none of the above. Well, both are sort of right... In a way. Confused? read on...

STOMP is a movement, of bodies, objects, sounds - even abstract ideas. But what makes it so appealing is that the cast uses everyday objects, but in non-traditional ways. There's no speech, no dialogue, not even a plot.

So why go see STOMP? Well, have you ever composed a symphony using only matchbooks as instruments? Or created a dance routine based around sweeping? You may have done this a little, but get a group of rhythmically gifted, extremely coordinated bodies with definitive personalities, and you have the makings for STOMP.


Running Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes, with no intermission

Tuesdays: 8:00pm

Wednesdays: 8:00pm

Thursdays: 8:00pm

Fridays: 8:00pm

Saturdays: 3:00pm and 8:00pm

Sundays: 2:00pm and 5:30pm

Orpheum Theatre

(New York, NY)
126 Second Avenue
Theater Map


by Chloe Rabinowitz - July 19, 2021
STOMP will open tomorrow Tuesday, July 20 at 126 Second Avenue at 8th Street in the East Village. The next morning, Wednesday, July 21, the cast will be performing live on “Good Morning America” in Times Square; it is scheduled for the 8:30AM half hour.
by Stage Tube - May 4, 2020
The cast of STOMP was featured on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday, with a new virtual performance!
by Chloe Rabinowitz - November 4, 2019
But what, you ask, is STOMP? a?oeBashing, crashing, smashing, swishing, banging and kicking a?" a joyous invention!a?? (Chicago Tribune). The eight-member troupe returns to Folsom, using everything but conventional percussion instruments a?" matchboxes, wooden poles, brooms, garbage cans, Zippo lighters, hubcaps a?" to create magnificent rhythms. From its beginnings as a street performance, a?oeSTOMP is as fresh and fun as ever. It's really something to holler abouta?? (Los Angeles Times).
by Larisa Amaya-Baron - August 27, 2019
Blast! The Music of Disney comes to Japan every year, and is adored by Japanese audiences. But this is the last chance to catch the group on stage, since the 2020 Olympics are taking over next year! Don't miss out on the live marching band show that captures hearts around the world.
by Courtney Symes - February 3, 2019
Boom! Swish. Crash! The percussive phenomenon that is Stomp has arrived in Sacramento, fittingly, in the arms of a storm. The explosive energy has been riveting audiences since its inception in 1991. Stomp currently has four productions running concurrently: the ongoing show at the Orpheum Theatre in New York, a permanent London company, and tours in North America and Europe.
by Stage Tube - January 25, 2019
'Stomp,' an off-Broadway show mixing percussion, movement and visual comedy, has been making music with everyday items for 25 years. To celebrate its success, the TODAY team goes behind the scenes for a private lesson. Plus, the 'Stomp' cast performs live.
by BroadwayWorld TV - July 8, 2016
In attendance today was the cast of STOMP ((Alan Asuncion, Cade Slattery, Eric Fay,Ivan Salazar, Krystal Rollins, Reggie Talley, Simeon Weedall, Stephanie Marshall), who performed selections from the show. Check out highlights below!
by Nora Dominick - October 30, 2015
Eight performers from the New York production of STOMP took to an outdoor basketball court in New York City's Greenwich Village with four stars from the world famous Harlem Globetrotters to celebrate the team's 90th year.
by Michael Dale - October 27, 2015
The long running Off-Broadway smash mixes it up with basketball's clown princes.
by BWW News Desk - April 29, 2015
According to the New York Daily News, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Oing has ruled that off-Broadway's STOMP is free to leave the Orpheum Theater after 21 years.
by Tyler Peterson - March 27, 2015
According to an announcement on Stomp's website, tonight's (March 26) performance has been cancelled due to a building collapse in the East Village near the Orpheum Theatre.
by BWW News Desk - March 26, 2015
According to an announcement on Stomp's website, tonight's (March 26) performance has been cancelled due to a building collapse in the East Village near the Orpheum Theatre.
by BroadwayWorld TV - July 11, 2014
This week's event was hosted by BUYER & CELLAR's Barrett Foa and featured performances from STOMP, including Jason Mills, Alan Asuncion, Manny Osoria, Marivaldo Dos Santos, Dustin Elsea, Chafic Saad, Penny Wendtlandt, and Kris Lee). BroadwayWorld brings you clips from their performance below!
by Tyler Peterson - June 6, 2014
See STOMP on CNN International's "Quest Means Business" in a story that aired yesterday about "unconventional instruments" in the context of international banking. Click here to check it out!
by Stage Tube - June 5, 2014
New York City's dynamic Stomp OUT LITTER anti-litter public awareness campaign featuring the cast of Stomp in a vibrant public service announcement encouraging New Yorkers to keep their city clean, can be seen again in New York City cabs and on Department of Sanitation trucks. Watch a PSA for the campaign below!