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Lolita, My Love - 2019 - Off-Broadway

Based on the 1955 novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Lolita, My Love, which originally closed in Boston in 1971, closely follows the legendary novel: a college professor named Humbert Humbert becomes fascinated by and starts to seduce his landlady's young daughter, Dolores "Lolita" Haze. The fascination quickly turns into obsession, and soon a whirlwind race across the US begins.

For this Mufti presentation, Erik Haagensen (Darling of the Day and The Day Before Spring in Mufti) has created a new script, edited together from Lerner's assorted drafts, each vastly different from the others. Haagensen has stated that "Now audiences will have a chance to hear [Lolita] on stage and decide for themselves what they think of this unquestionably daring musical that begins as a black comedy and ends in tragedy." Nabokov himself has said "Mr. Lerner is most talented and an excellent classicist. If you have to make a musical of 'Lolita,' he is the man to do it".


York Theatre Company

(New York, NY)
619 Lexington Avenue

Lolita, My Love Off-Broadway Cast


by Michael Dale - February 26, 2019
In his indispensable history of Broadway's less-successful musical ventures, 'Not Since Carrie,' Ken Mandelbaum famously wrote that bookwriter/lyricist Alan Jay Lerner and composer John Barry's effort to bring Vladimir Nabokov's controversial novel 'Lolita' to the stage 'has the singular distinction of being both a complete mistake and a superb adaptation.'