BWW Reviews: ON THE AIR at Teatro ZinZanni Is Three Hours of Pure Joy

BWW Reviews: ON THE AIR at Teatro ZinZanni Is Three Hours of Pure Joy
Kevin Kent and victim in On The Air at Teatro ZinZanni
Photo credit: Keith Brofsky

Dear Readers, I must warn you against seeing the latest show over at Teatro ZinZanni, "On The Air". After viewing it last night my smile muscles are only now beginning to recover from the perma-grin that this show and its incredible cast stuck on my face. I've been fortunate enough to see a few ZinZanni shows and this was one of the best, if not THE best I have seen.

If you're not familiar with Teatro ZinZanni, well it's basically an adult circus. You have your jugglers, contortionists, acrobats, aerialists and clowns; just no animal tamers (unless you count the amazing singers who tame those wild songs and make them obey). And all this wrapped up in the theme of the moment and a sumptuous five-course meal. The theme for "On The Air" is a simple one; it's a radio show. But never let it be said the folks at TZ are simple as this radio show comes complete with Princesses, superheroes and aliens.

But what made this show surpass their other fine offerings was the seamless integration of all these elements into the through line not to mention the sheer feeling of joy and mirth that the cast brought into the evening. It was more than a show, it was concentrated happy.

BWW Reviews: ON THE AIR at Teatro ZinZanni Is Three Hours of Pure Joy
Les Petits Freres in On The Air at Teatro ZinZanni
Photo credit: Keith Brofsky

The Collins Brothers (Matthias Fischer and Collin Eschenburg) seemed to be at it before the show even began as they strove to find birthday boy, Manfred. And their hilarity never waned. Vita Radionova was once again on hand with her seemingly missing bone structure as she twisted and contorted into shapes not meant for humans. We had not one but two belting divas with Anki Albertsson and Juliana Rambaldi. Albertsson kept the crowd amped up with her rousing renditions of songs both old and new and Rambaldi not only managed the comedy of it all with ease but also went from singing cute little jingles to full blow arias. The oh sooooo dashing Joel Salom was on hand to sweet talk us all into the palm of his hand but also show off some spectacular juggling antics managing everything from bowling pins to his own clothes (as he was wearing them). But my favorites for the evening (as seems to happen a lot when they're involved) were the delightful Les Petits Frères and the insanely funny Kevin Kent. The Frères (Domitil Aillot, Gregory Marquet and Mickael Bajazet) do it all. Comedy, acrobatics, juggling, pole work and singing. There are triple threats out there but I don't think there's a number high enough to count their talents. And Kent in his multiple guises manages to keep it all tied together tightly and hysterically. If he's onstage, you're laughing; unless you're one of his hapless audience victims and then you're desperately trying to keep up with him and his genius (just take a couple of drops of Dr. D's tonic and you'll be fine).

The shows at Teatro ZinZanni are always fun and the food is always good but there was something special in the air about this particular show. Whatever that may be is not so important, just enjoy the ride. With my three-letter ratings system I give this a hearty YAY!

"On The Air" performs at Teatro ZinZanni through June 1st. For tickets or information contact the Teatro ZinZanni box office at 206-802-0015 or visit them online at

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