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The Games Afoot at Murphys Creek Theatre


11/22/2019 - 12/15/2019


Murphys Creek Theatre

580 S Algiers St
Murphys, 95247
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Phone: 2097288422

The Games Afoot in Sacramento

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Murder? maybe. Mayhem? a distinct possibility. Hilarity? Definitely!Take a suspense thriller worthy of Sherlock Holmes, wrap it in a stylish screwball comedy, set it at Christmastime and you get the holiday whodunnit The Games Afoot. William Gillette, a Broadway superstar, famous the world over for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, has invited fellow cast members to his opulent home for a holiday dinner party. But when one of the guests winds up dead, Gillette finds himself at the center of a mystery that might have stumped Holmes himself and now he must summon every ounce of Sherlock to solve the mystery. Just for the recordThere really was a William Gillette. He really did become immensely wealthy by writing and performing in a play about Sherlock Holmes. He really created the image of the great detective that we hold dear today. But thats where any semblance of reality ends. Its Holmes for the Holidays this Christmas season! Who did it? Who will be next? See The Games Afoot and find out. And have yourself a hearty holiday laugh too.

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