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Tears of Heaven - The Concept Recording 2011


Tears of Heaven - The Concept Recording
GlobalVision Records, LLC

Linda Eder, Rob Evan, Christiane Noll, James Barbour, Jackie Burns, Laura Osnes and an all-star cast in this bittersweet tale of love, faith, and redemption. A new Concept Recording from Frank Wildhorn. CAST: Tianna: Morgan James (Linda Eder sings Tianna on track #2) Linh: Linda Eder Quyen: Christiane Noll Joon: Rob Evan Sang: Michael Lanning Tam: Jackie Burns Colonel Grayson: James Barbour Company: Jackie Burns, Natalie Hill, Henry Gainza, Pamela Jordan, Michael Lanning, Deborah Lew, Michael Shawn Lewis, Jose Llana, Christiane Noll, Laura Osnes, Jill Paice, Tricia Paoluccio, Andy Senor, Jr., Tad Wilson

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