Paul Fleischman's MIND'S EYE Runs This Weekend, 11/9 & 10

Paul Fleischman's MIND’S EYE Runs This Weekend, 11/9 & 10By Jude Cartalaba

Manila, Philippines, November 5, 2012 -  C. Virata Advisory and Gillian Joyce Virata, in cooperation with Repertory Philippines, ARTS in the City, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, Jinggo Montenejo, and TeamAsia, present American author Paul Fleischman's "Mind's Eye," starring Joy Virata and Jenny Jamora, at Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza tonight, November 9 and Saturday, November 10. Jaime del Mundo directs.

Virata, the founder and artistic director of Repertory Philippines' Theater for Young Audiences, plays Elva, an old lady with Alzheimer's disease.

Jamora plays Courtney, a friend that is helping Elva to travel to Italy. 

"The play simply encourages anyone to read. Reading provides an active mental process: as opposed to sitting in front of a boob tube, reading makes one use his or her brain," Virata described the essence of "Mind's Eye" at a press conference.

Also according to Virata, the production is ideal for senior high school and freshmen college students to watch.  For Virata, the play, which was first broached by her daughter Gigi, teaches audience members to improve their memory as studies show that if one does not use his or her memory, one may lose it. Reading helps stretch one's memory muscles to stave off Alzheimer's disease.

Jamora's character (Courtney), a nursing home resident, together with Elva, supports the premise of the play, "It improves one's creativity.  Reading about diversity of life, and exposing one's self to new ideas and more information will definitely help develop the creative side of the brain."

Paul Fleischman's MIND’S EYE Runs This Weekend, 11/9 & 10"Mind's Eye" is a classic example of unexpected friendships.  Courtney and Elva's friendship may be bumpy, but theirs provides the audience the vehicle to travel through reading, which is one powerful experience.

Elva made a promise to go to Italy with her husband before he died. Since she is too weak to travel, she confines herself to small spaces, and has to take an imaginary trip instead.  However, due to procrastination, Elva, her eyes also failing her, is not able to do her mind travel on her own. Courtney comes into the picture to help Elva.

Reading requires remembering details, facts and figures, plot lines, themes, and characters.  Both Courtney and Elva use their imaginations to travel to three cities in Italy - Naples, Rome, and Florence.

"Mind's Eye" (the book version) received an American Library Association Award for Best Book for Young Adults.

For tickets to the play, please contact Elaine Coloma at (63) 9054392027 or (632) 9287419.

For more information, visit "Mind's Eye's" FB page at

Photos by Jinggo Montenejo

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