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Student Blog: 10 Alternatives to Popular Soprano/Alto Audition Songs

Out with the overdone and in with the new!

Summer show audition season is coming up! Maybe it's been a while since you updated your book, or maybe you just need some new pieces to add to it. Never fear! Below is a list of some popular musical theatre songs that might be considered "overdone," and songs that are similar in sound, style, or purpose that you can swap them out for. These will be sure to help you stand out in the audition room! Let's begin!

1. If you like "You Matter to Me" from Waitress or "Only Us" from Dear Evan Hansen, try "I Don't Need a Roof" from Big Fish: The Musical. This gorgeous love song is also a heartbreaking ballad and a powerful expression of sweet Sandra's love for Edward Bloom.

2. If you like "Fly Into the Future" from Vanities: The Musical, try "Three Bedroom House" from Bat Boy: The Musical. Both songs are uptempo, belty, and give the singer a great chance to demonstrate their comedic acting chops throughout the song!

3. If you like "Dead Girl Walking" or "Lifeboat" from Heathers: The Musical, try "All Grown Up" from Bare: A Pop Opera. Both songs have a pop/rock sound to them, and they switch between faster and slower tempos throughout. This song gives the singer a chance to demonstrate their mix and their power belt, while also showing off their teenage angst.

4. If you like "Super Boy and the Invisible Girl" from Next to Normal, try "How to Return Home" from Kerrigan-Lowdermilk's Tales from the Bad Years. This song has a belty bridge and mixy verses and early choruses, giving you plenty of variety for sections to use as your cut! It also deals with feeling confused and frustrated about growing up and dealing with family as a young adult, just like Natalie in Next to Normal does.

5. If you like "Fly, Fly Away" from Catch Me If You Can, try "With Him" by Joey Contreras. This ballad deals with strong feelings of love and trying to stay strong, giving massive opportunity for some gorgeous storytelling to happen through your acting. You just might break the casting director's heart with this one!

6. If you like "Dyin' Ain't So Bad" from Bonnie and Clyde, try "Love Will Come and Find Me Again" from Bandstand. Laura Osnes sings this beautiful jazz-influenced piece, as well, making it a perfect upgrade from a song that you might have been hearing too much at auditions the last few years. It's also a ballad, although a bit less belty, letting you really take the time to perfect your dreamy vocals and sincere acting.

7. If you like "I'm Breaking Down" from Falsettos, try, "Gotta Get Out" from Ordinary Days. Maybe you're too young to play Trina, but still want to sing a song with the manic energy of her iconic number. "Gotta Get Out" sits in a very similar range and tempo, still allowing lots of chances for comedy and craziness.

8. If you like "Cute Boys With Short Haircuts" from Vanities: The Musical, try "Perfect" from Edges. The pining and yearning for love is all still there, along with a fantastic belty part towards the end if you want some raw anger and devastation in your cut, as well.

9. If you like "My New Philosophy" from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, or "I Know Things Now" from Into the Woods, try "Good Girl Winnie Foster" from Tuck Everlasting. Not only do all these songs have similar ranges, but they all have similar characters. Winnie is technically supposed to be eleven, but this song will work great if you're auditioning for a part that is supposed to be young, like Little Red.

10. If you like "It Roars" or "Stupid With Love" from Mean Girls, try "I Could Be Jewish For You" written by Nikko Benson. This song has the quirky and comedic energy of Cady, but it still lets you show off your more feminine side, while still giving you a good range to travel through as you sing this song.

Break a leg at your auditions, and rock those summer shows!

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