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ADONIS MEMORIES Docudrama Gets Site-Specific Staging at Paddles in Manhattan

IN OUR WORDS presents Adonis Memories, an immersive play that shares stories from patrons of the famed Adonis gay porn movie theater that was a Midtown Manhattan landmark from the 70s-90s. The play is written and directed by Alan L. Bounville and takes place on Saturdays February 4, March 4, and April 1 at 3:30 PM at Paddles NYC: 250 W. 26th St, Manhattan.

When asked about the project, playwright and director Alan L. Bounville said, "My goal was to collect stories from people who wanted to share memories from their visits to the Adonis and then weave those stories together into an immersive experience for our audience. I want the audience to feel what it was like to live in a time when communal sex was a force in New York City. Of course, the undercurrent of HIV is present in the work. But the ultimate goal is to celebrate the sex and intimacy that is often overshadowed when we look at this period of history."

Adonis Memories will be performed at Paddles, one of few public sex venues still in existence in New York City. The audience is not invited to engage in sex acts during the show. What they are invited to do is to experience these sex positive stories in a place built for communal sex. The setting itself acts as an authentic portal into feeling the energy that was part of what drew countless men to the Adonis in its day.

The audience has the opportunity to hear the stories of Adonis Memories told in dark corners or out in the open. They can follow the actors around as they act out the stories. If they choose, they can even participate in different ways. The actors will not touch the audience. And no one will be asked to do anything they do not want to do. All 21 years old and up are welcome to come and explore this forgotten NYC history.

Adam Fitzgerald, General Manager for the project says, "With Adonis Memories, IN OUR WORDS is breaking some long-existing barriers in theatrical/sexual limitations while exploring important and often ignored pieces of gay history - it is very exciting to a be part of this journey."

"So surreal, so enjoyable. I was filled with ecstasy and cum as I floated out of the theater. I really lost it at the Adonis." - Adonis Memories story contributor.

Adonis Memories will be performed at Paddles, 250 W. 26th St, Manhattan on Saturdays February 4, March 4, and April 1 at 3:30 PM. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased at

To read more about Adonis Memories and gay cruising culture, click here.

Photo Credit: Brandon Nick

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