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The Theater At The 14th Street Y Announces 2019-2020 Season


The Theater at the 14th Street Y continues to honor the edgy, diverse, and rich history of innovative culture-making in the East Village with the 2019-20 Season from September 6, 2019 through June 2020. All productions are chosen through a submission process and the curated season is co-presented by the Theater at the 14th Street Y. From a wide range of artists, the season is a deliberate program of artistic discourse around the theme of Life and Death.


Highlights of the season include:

  • Playwrights for a Cause writer José Rivera presents a new piece, The Imperfect Love Song of Delilah and Venizio.
  • From The Horse's Mouth celebrates the 75th Anniversary of the Jerome Robbins Dance Division of the Library of Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.
  • Jewish Plays Project presents the National Winner of the 2019 Jewish Playwriting Contest.
  • Anna Lublina creates a meta conversation on the act of translation and historization in Russian in her piece BAb(oo)shka.
  • LABA Second Stage production Scenes from Childhood, Ari Brand's semi-autobiographical play about a family of performers.
  • Chad Williams's WonderSpark Puppets February Puppet Takeover! There's a different puppet show every weekend at the Theater at the 14th Street Y in February, about dragons, pigs, and dinosaurs.
  • The Olive Tree: A Comedy for the Hopeless Optimist. From award winning playwright Iris Bahr (DAI, "Curb Your Enthusiasm").
  • In Desi Moreno-Penson's Ominous Men, the 1977 NYC Blackout hits the Bronx.
  • The Israel Arts Fest, presented by Israeli Artists Project.


"As we see in the 2019-2020 Season, different cultures honor and celebrate the life cycle in many ways. Our diverse artists wrestle with how we can learn from the traditions of previous generations and pay tribute through living life to its fullest. While reviewing the submissions, our panel had the refreshing discovery that many artists were drawn to tales of survival and remembrance to explore the theme of Life & Death. There is humor in the life cycle as well as joy and courage. We have productions about surviving cancer, recovering from drug addiction, a son learning about his father's battle with AIDS, a darkly humored ghost story from the Bronx and a rich and lyrical play about love and loss from acclaimed playwright/director José Rivera. Join us as we explore these themes with innovative new works of theater, dance and opera. We'll see you in the Theater at the 14th Street Y", said David Stallings, Director of Arts + Culture.


2019-20 Season of Life + Death:

National Winner of the 2019 Jewish Playwriting Contest

Jewish Plays Project

September 6 - 8, 2019

7 cities, 1000 people, 1 Winner. Crowd-sourced and audience vetted, the Winner of the 2019 Jewish Playwriting Contest will be announced in June of 2019 and comes home to the 14th Street Y in September for the JPP's featured workshop production. Come be a part of the movement for contemporary Jewish theater!



Johari Mayfield Dance

September 9 - 15, 2019


Choreography by Johari Mayfield, Composed by Milica Paranosic

Blending movement and technology "Recovery" unpacks the container of addiction through the lens of a woman struggling with substance abuse. Where does she belong in a world where legalized drugs and alcohol are so readily accessible? Is she good or evil? The urge to explain and define the addict, society and recovery is cracked open and explored in this hybrid work of theater and dance.'s time... 

Freemove Dance

September 19-22, 2019


Choreographed by Jenn Freeman, Original composition by Dani Markham 

Following a sold-out run in 2018, Freemove Dance returns to present this gutsy and percussive dance piece. It is a call-to-arms for re-defining how and why the clock has a titan grip on our life experience.



Anna Lublina 

September 26 - October 6, 2019


BAb(oo)shka tells a true story about Jewish life in the USSR onstage- in Russian. Her story is live translated into klezmer music, gibberish, poetic text, and puppetry, creating a meta conversation on the act of translation and historization. 


The Stray

Rebel Playhouse

September 28 - October 6, 2019

Family Theater

Book, Music & Lyrics by Arif Silverman

The conflict between wolves and humans has existed for years, but can an unlikely friendship mend the rift between them? A new folk musical about love, loss, and the power of understanding, The Stray shows us growing pains lead to remarkable change.                         


The Pink Hulk: One Woman's Journey to Find the Superhero Within

Valerie David

October 8 - 13, 2019


Written and Performed by Valerie David, Directed by Padraic Lillis

A cancer diagnosis means only one thing: time to get laid! This award-winning solo show follows Valerie's triumphant journey to become a three-time survivor & redefining what it means to summon her superhero within. An inspiring story that's been touring the globe!   


Ominous Men

MultiStages New Works Winner

October 19 - November 3, 2019


Written by Desi Moreno-Penson, Directed by Lorca Peress

It's the wrong night and the wrong place for these Ominous Men to be playing a game of "Bones," when the 1977 NYC Blackout hits the Bronx! Overtaken by their demons, they descend into a supernatural night of the soul.


Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Jerome Robbins Dance Division of the Library of Performing Arts at Lincoln Center

From The Horse's Mouth        

November 6 - 10, 2019


The next edition of From The Horse's Mouth is proud to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the country's most prestigious repository of dance materials at the Jerome Robbins Dance Division of the Library of Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. This production will be in collaboration with the Jerome Robbins Dance Division, Linda Murray, Curator.


Courtyard Dancers, Dakshina Dance Company, Sakshi Productions, and Sattriya Dance Company

November 15 - 16, 2019


With bharatanatyam, kathak, odissi, and sattriya as foundational training, four east coast, contemporary dance companies collaborate to explore the rigor and sanctuary of a daily, physical and intentional practice.


#NastyWomen+ - A Night of She and They Resistance Comedy    

Laura Beatrix Newmark / The Theater 14th Street Y

November 18 and January 27, 2019; May 11 and June 15, 2020


Comedy featuring line-ups of women and underrepresented genders and empower those marginalized within the spectrum of she and they identity. Comedy Is the Resistance.


LABA 2nd Stage: State of the Jews

The Theater at the 14th Street Y

December 5 - 8, 2019


Composed by Alex Weiser, Libretto by Ben Kaplan

A semi-staged preview performance of "State of the Jews", an opera by composer Alex Weiser and librettist Ben Kaplan which follows Theodor Herzl, visionary of the Jewish state, in the last year of his life, as his efforts to secure a Jewish homeland become increasingly desperate.         


Straight Faced Lies   

M-Squared Productions

December 9 - 22, 2019


Written by Mark Jason Williams, Directed by Andrew Block

Grab a plate for an unforgettable holiday with the Ryans, where family battles and deep secrets are the most delicious things on the menu. "Passionate, biting and deeply funny, this play is equal parts fresh and familiar..." - The Villager


A Golem from Buenos Aires

Carina Toker

December 9 - 29, 2019

Family Theater, Dance

Written, Directed and Choreographed by Carina Toker

A Golem from Buenos Aires is a multidisciplinary theater play for the whole family, inspired by the Jewish legend of the Golem of Prague. In this original performance, an unexpected event unfolds a new hilarious, poetic, moving story.


LABA 2nd Stage: Scenes from Childhood  

The Theater at the 14th Street Y

January 10 - 26, 2020


Written by Ari Brand, Directed by Eugenia Manwelyan

Set amidst the AIDS crisis in NYC, this semi-autobiographical play reveals a family of performers wrestling with ambition, tragedy, and the stories we tell about who we are. Alongside an ensemble cast, Ari Brand plays two roles, based on himself and his late father, Natan Brand.                


WonderSpark Puppets February Puppet Takeover! 

WonderSpark Puppets

February 1 - February 23, 2020

-February 1 and 2 - The Three Little Pigs

-February 8 and 9 - Princess Petunia & The Dragon (Tu B'Shevat)

-February 15 and 16 - Mystery Max & The Missing Dinosaur

-February 22 and 23 - Esther Saves the Day! (Purim)

Family Theater

Written, Directed and Performed by Chad Williams

There's a different puppet show every weekend at the 14th Street Y Theater in February! Come see 4 family-friendly puppet shows about dinosaurs, big bad wolves, dragons, and princesses (and queens) saving the day. WonderSpark Puppets presents shows about Purim, Tu B'Shevat, a missing dinosaur, and the three little pigs. Each puppet show is 35-40 minutes long, highly interactive and best for ages 3+.


The Imperfect Love Song of Delilah and Venizio

Planet Connections

February 7 - 23, 2020

Written and Directed by José Rivera

Playwrights for a Cause writer Jose Rivera presents a new piece, The Imperfect Love Song of Delilah and Venizio.  Death has been declared illegal by the U.S. government.  Trees grow lights instead of leaves.  Ghosts love the living.  And in heaven you can taste the wind.  Two impetuous lovers look for a love that lasts forever in this fantastical comedy about imperfect relationships, by the author of The Motorcycle Diaries and Marisol. 


Planet Connections Short Form Series       

Planet Connections

February 7 - 23, 2020


Curated by Glory Kadigan

Award Nominated Planet Connections writers present new short form playlets.


Women's History Solo Series includes First By Faith: The Life of Mary McLeod Bethune, Cheer from Chawton: A Jane Austen Family Theatrical, and PLACES!

First By Faith: The Life Of Mary McLeod Bethune

Richarda Abrams

February 25 - March 15, 2020


Written and Performed by Richarda Abrams, Directed by Diana Vovsi, Music Directed by Amina Claudine Myers

2018 Winner of United Solo Theatre Festival's Best Educational Show Award. Abrams uses storytelling/song, bends time/gender, explores Bethune's journey from an uneducated child to a world renown educator; returning to earth to share one last lesson


Cheer from Chawton: A Jane Austen Family Theatrical

Love Arm'd Productions

February 25 - March 15, 2020

Family Theater

Written and Performed By Karen Eterovich, Co-directed by Susan Pilar & Amy Stoller

Meet novelist Jane Austen at her brother's mansion in this hour-long comedy about the famous author. Ages 8 and up!



Pat Addiss, Producer

February 25 - March 15, 2020


Written and Performed by Romy Nordlinger, Directed by Cailín Heffernan

PLACES!, a multimedia solo show, tells the story of the most famous star you've never heard of: Russian Jewish lesbian trailblazer, Alla Nazimova - silver screen icon, Broadway legend, and first female director and producer in Hollywood.


Abrahamic Americans           

Jewish Plays Project

April 2 - 5, 2020         


From the Travel Ban to Tree of Life, American Jews and American Muslims have been showing up for each other. At the same time, complex tensions - Linda Sarsour and the Women's March, Rep. Ilan Omar and civic discourse - have risen. Four brand-new short plays from our hottest Jewish and Muslim playwrights and directors examine what's changing, how it is positive and how to make it last.         


The Olive Tree: A Comedy for the Hopeless Optimist

April 12 - May 3, 2020


Written by Iris Bahr

A wild, insightful and hilarious "play within a play" from award winning playwright Iris Bahr (DAI, "Curb Your Enthusiasm"). It's Noises Off meets Fauda, with a touch of Oslo for good measure.                                        


Israel Arts Fest

Israeli Artists Project

May 4 - May 31, 2020           

Family Theater, Music, Theater

Israeli Artists Project will present the New York premiere of Sof Tov (Happy Ending) by Anat Gov, along with an art exhibit of New York-based Israeli artists, various cultural nights, jazz, comedy, film, dance, children's theater, and more.


The Three Little Pigs

WonderSpark Puppets

By Chad Williams

June 6 - 7, 2020

Family Theater

Written and Directed by Chad Williams

WonderSpark Puppets returns with the classic fable told with fun puppets and humor that will delight our youngest theatergoers! This show is highly interactive and best for ages 3 & up.


14 Street Y PRIDE Fest       

June 11 - 28, 2020

Dance, Drag, Music, Theater

Curated by David Stallings and Larry Daniels

The Theater at the 14th Street Y is proud to present the 14 Street Y Pride Fest 2020. Theater, dance, film, music, drag, and more will be celebrated in honor of the diversity of the LGBTQ community in the Lower East Side. 


Full Season Tickets and detailed information on shows available at


$14@14Y Flex Pass 

Subscribe to the 14th Street Y and save with Flex Pass. For $42, choose any three shows from the upcoming season at


Theater Staff

Ronit Muszkatblit, Senior Director of Arts + Culture + LABA

David Stallings, Director of Arts + Culture

Kryssy Wright, Production Manager

Rebecca Miller, Theater Manager

Lilith Bachelder, Box Office Coordinator

Laura Newmark, Director of LABA


About The Theater at the 14th Street Y

The Theater at the 14th Street Y focuses on social awareness and change through big picture narrative. Inspired by works that welcome artists of all backgrounds, we place artists at the heart of our community and seek to create an inclusive and open cultural experience for all. Art is incubated here.


About LABA: Laboratory for Jewish Culture

LABA is the 14th Street Y's flagship artist fellowship program that helps incubate works in progress from emerging artists. At the core of LABA's mission is the belief that classical Jewish text study can and should be a source of inspiration and creativity for contemporary culture-makers and thinkers. All of the public art created through LABA aims to transcend cultural and social borders by bringing to light the universal themes and questions our artists encounter through their engagement with Jewish thought.


About the 14th Street Y

The 14th Street Y is a vibrant community center grounded in the belief that contemporary Jewish sensibilities can be a source of inspiration, connection, and learning for the individuals and families we serve throughout New York City's East Village and beyond. With a health and wellness center, childhood, parenting and adult education and enrichment programs, and an innovative arts and culture department, the 14Y is committed to the development of the whole person and bettering people's lives by strengthening family connections and building inclusive and sustainable communities. 


About Educational Alliance

Educational Alliance brings together and partners with diverse communities in Lower Manhattan, offering individuals and families high-quality, multi-generational programs and services that enhance their well-being and socioeconomic opportunities. We are a place where everyone is welcome and where progress is powered one relationship at a time. We are proud of our legacy as a Jewish organization and we provide high-quality, transformational services and programs to all New Yorkers through our network of community centers on Manhattan's Lower East Side and East Village. As we have for 130 years, we offer best-in-class programming-now across 15 sites-focusing on a mix of education, health and wellness, arts and culture, and civic engagement.

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