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Hutchinson Theater Students Work to Produce Radio Shows

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Hutchinson Theater Students Work to Produce Radio Shows

Hutchinson Leader has reported that a group of Hutchinson students are coming together get creative and produce radio shows during this time of social distancing and shutdowns.

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The radio shows are found online at the Hutchinson Theatre Association's YouTube page,

Jason Olson, a teacher and director at Hutchinson High School, shared:

"I mentioned to a few students that it'd be nice to do something during this time," Olson said. "I kind of missed the kids and wanted to see them."

Olson pitched the idea of producing radio shows and Hutchinson Theatre Association stepped up to sponsor.

"Erika Durheim, who is the director for the spring play, she's leading a group with me," Olson said. "She has the comedy group so I am leading the suspense group."

Each group has around seven students who are actors and three students who take care of the sound effects.

The performances are based on a famous radio show from the 1940s: "Suspense." The first episode posted was "Drive-in."

"Think of it like the radio version of 'The Twilight Zone,'" Olson said. "'Drive-in' is the story of a waitress at a drive-in. She meets a man who seems nice, but as the story goes on it becomes clear he's not a good individual and she has to find a way to escape him."

They will also be producing comedies!

Check out the full story HERE.


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