Interview: Bruce Nozick Slickly Wears His BESPOKE OVERCOAT

Currently at Pacific Resident Theatre, Wolf Mankowitz’ The Bespoke Overcoat which opened March 9th

By: Mar. 14, 2024
Interview: Bruce Nozick Slickly Wears His BESPOKE OVERCOAT
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Interview: Bruce Nozick Slickly Wears His BESPOKE OVERCOAT

Currently at Pacific Resident Theatre, Wolf Mankowitz’ The Bespoke Overcoat which opened March 9, 2024. Marilyn Fox & Dana Jackson co-direct the cast of: Harry Herman, Robert Lesser, Bruce Nozick and Tobias Echeverria. Had the chance to cover Bruce with some queries on bespoking his Overcoat. 

Thank you for taking the time for this interview, Bruce!

What first attracted you to act in this Pacific Resident Theatre production of The Bespoke Overcoat?

Well, I have been a member of PRT for many years but have never done a mainstage show there – something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I got the call from Marilyn Fox (Artistic Director of PRT and co-director of The Bespoke Overcoat) to see if I would be interested in doing the play. After reading it and loving the material I jumped at the chance. Great role, beautiful play, with one of my favorite theatre companies … and only 10 minutes from where I live in Culver City!

Interview: Bruce Nozick Slickly Wears His BESPOKE OVERCOAT Who of the cast or creatives have you worked with before?

Many of them! During COVID, Pacific Resident Theatre did a virtual production of A Bintel Brief – letters from The Daily Forward newspaper. I was one of the actors and so was Bob Lesser.  We didn’t actually get to act together as we all recorded monologues separately in our homes, but we were both part of the cast and participated in post-performance discussions with the audience together! I have also done several shows around Los Angeles with both sound designer Chris Moscatiello and lighting designer Leigh Allen. I love how intimate the L.A. theatre family is.  

What would your three-line pitch for The Bespoke Overcoat be?

Interview: Bruce Nozick Slickly Wears His BESPOKE OVERCOAT A delicious morsal of a tragic comedy. A funny and moving play that takes place in incomparable 1940’s England. 

If you were to submit your character Ranting for a dating site, what qualities of his would you list?

Wealthy, successful business owner. Loves life, a gourmand and one who grabs and savors all that life has to offer.

What flaws would you definitely leave out?

A bit miserly and ungenerous. Perhaps a bit too occupied with money and being on top. Does not like anyone thinking they are better than him.  

Is there a real-life situation you’ve experienced that you can relate to that in The Bespoke Overcoat?

Well, when I was younger I definitely worked for people like Ranting. People who did not want me to be smarter, faster, funnier than them and would put me down if I tried to be.

With all the premieres you’ve done on the Los Angeles boards and being a member of the Pacific Resident Theatre, Rogue Machine Theatre Company and The New

Interview: Bruce Nozick Slickly Wears His BESPOKE OVERCOAT Ha! Great question. Yes, in general I still need to audition although sometimes I get to go directly into callbacks. But this show is one of the rare instances where I was just offered the role by Marilyn and didn’t have to audition. We have been wanting to work with each other for a long time. 

If financial compensation were not a factor, in which field of entertainment would you focus all your talents in: film, television, voiceovers, theatre?

I got my early start in the New York theatre so theatre will always be my first love. But in all honesty, I love to work in all mediums. When I’m on a set – any set – I feel that I am home. 

How do you juggle your side commitment to Audition Video Services with all your acting gigs?

EInterview: Bruce Nozick Slickly Wears His BESPOKE OVERCOAT asily. I am my own boss. There are a lot of hours in a day, and I operate AVS from my detached office at home. So, I don’t have to travel to get that work done. In the seven years I’ve been coaching actors for auditions I can count on one hand how many coaching requests I haven’t been available for. I work nights, weekends, anytime – we make it work!

Is there a theatrical role you would love to sink your acting chops into?

Marilyn Fox and I have been discussing Brooklyn Boy by Donald Margulies for some time now. I would love to finally have an opportunity to do that wonderful play.

What’s in the near future for Bruce Nozick?

I did a play this past summer at the Kirk Douglas Theatre called “Fetch Clay, Make Man,” directed by the amazing Debbie Allen. It seems there is talk of that play moving to Broadway sometime this year. That would be a bucket list dream come true for me. That’s my hope for the near future!
Can you give us the details of the collaboration between PRT and One Warm Coat?

Interview: Bruce Nozick Slickly Wears His BESPOKE OVERCOAT Donated clean and gently warn coats are welcome at the theater at showtime where we’ll provide free coffee and a treat when you attend. One Warm Coat supports volunteer efforts to hold coat drives by providing tools and resources. Their mission is to provide free coats to children and adults in need while promoting volunteerism and environmental sustainability:

In addition, Venice Community Housing will be receiving our donated coats. They provide resources and support to help improve health, wellness, and to enhance education in their communities. VCH offers a wide range of academic, employment, and leadership development opportunities to children and youth ages 6-24:

Thank you again, Bruce! I look forward to experiencing your Ranting.

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