Theatre of Love: The Perfect Valentine's Day Treat

MBS Productions' Theatre of Love is a pleasant mixture of songs, poems and short plays which all have a common theme:  love.  The show, which is quite freewheeling and almost improvisational in nature, succeeds especially well in the Second Act, which highlights several songs from the second and third decades from the twentieth century.

The four men and four women who made up the troupe in Theatre of Love were all talented and had energy and enthusiasm to spare.  Coming out especially ahead in the evening were Sherna Armstrong, who belted out a goosepimple-inducing "My Man"; Sarah Enriquez, who used a delicious New York accent in the comic playlet Two Couples Two; and James Casarez, Jr., who enlivened the evening by playing the trumpet (when not dressed as an adult Cupid!)

Director Mark-Brian Sonna has engineered a truly creative evening. The various pieces were connected by droll rhyming narratives by the cast members. After a somewhat shaky start, the evening became quite fluid with one performance blending seamlessly into the next.  Mr. Sonna has even arranged to work in one an actual proposal during each performance.

Theatre of Love is quite simply, far different than any other entertainment to be found in Dallas at the present.  A lively band of youthful entertainers are ready to take you through an exciting evening.  I had a smile on my face as the evening came to a close, and so will you.

Theatre of Love continues through February 14.  For more information, please visit the MBS Productions website.

Photo Credit:  Mark-Brian Sonna

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