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Another obstacle in premiering her long-awaited Eydie Gorme show? No problem - Dawn Derow's got friends in all the right places.

May 23rd GYPSY IN MY SOUL: DAWN DEROW SINGS EYDIE GORME Moves to Birdland Theater Thank goodness for the social media, right? Oh, sure, it has its' flaws, and we could spend some of our well-earned day discussing them, but let's look at one of the benefits: the instantaneous spread of late-breaking news to a wide-reaching number of people. Just ask Dawn Derow because yesterday afternoon, just days away from debuting her much-anticipated and much-delayed new Eydie Gorme tribute show, Ms. Derow needed to get the word out about a last-minute venue change. Enter Facebook, Messenger, and all the other social media platforms, and Dawn's Disciples were all in the know and altering their travel plans.

Originally meant to debut at the Beach Cafe (which we all are longing to see re-open), GYPSY IN MY SOUL was cut short in the birthing process by the pandemic, and fans of both Misses Derow and Gorme were left wondering what it would have been like. Earlier in this month, though, those fans were thrilled to learn that Derow's diva show would premiere at Connecticut's Bijou Theatre on May 23rd. When Dawn learned of obstacles to the planned opening, the award-winning songstress sprung into action and a new plan was formed to move the show into the city, and last night, as friends and fans were finishing their dinner or tucking the little ones up in bed, email boxes everywhere sprang to life with a personal note from Dawn:

I'm so excited about next Sunday, May 23rd ~ Finally, the Debut of "GYPSY IN MY SOUL"
Unfortunately, we just found out 3 days ago that the beautiful Bijou theater in CT doesn't have certain items that we need to perform our show. So we have moved this special event TO MANHATTAN!!

Luckily, my dear friends at Birdland - Gianni Valenti and Alaina Gonzalez-White have agreed to rent out the Birdland Theater to us as a 'Special Event' performance. Thank you both for saving the day! Tickets are still available in-person @ $35 each. HERE's the link

THIS COMING SUNDAY - May 23rd (here are the new details:)
- Showtime: 5pm / Doors open at 4pm
- Limited In-person tickets available - Go to and click on "GYPSY IN MY SOUL"
- Or you can send via (Venmo) @dawn-derow
- Or (Paypal) @dawnmderow
- All Birdland tickets are $35 per person
- Streaming Virtually also Available - Only difference is this will now be Premiering on Monday, May 24th / Watch it anytime.
Message me for more details.
This event will not be found on the Birdland website.
But you can go to for more details,
Or later today once we update the link.

My GUEST STARS: Special Guest Appearances by Danny Bacher & JEFF Harnar

Thank you for being a flexible Fan-Base.


The digital epistle from Derow served as more than just a message of information - it illustrates a fact that has bubbled to the service often during this difficult last year and a half: this is a community. There is no rivalry between clubs, the way it happens in the movies: the members of the nightclub, cabaret, and concert industry of New York and the surrounding states are here for one another, and when Dawn Derow needed some help the as-yet unopened Birdland club was there to lend a helping hand, and not just to Dawn, to the audience. It's an elegant and human way of showing solidarity with one's fellow artists, and a reminder of just how much we all need each other. Speaking purely personally, this writer errs strongly on the grateful side: when the show was scheduled for The Bijou, I was marked down for a virtual viewing -- now that it's happening in the city, I (one of the Beach Cafe disappointed) will be able to see Dawn and Eydie in person.

And that's something to sing about.


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