Interview: Beverly Baker Deconstructs the HAG Archetype at The Green Room 42

The one-woman show explores variations of the "hag" archetype dating back to folklore and beyond

By: Jul. 09, 2024
Interview: Beverly Baker Deconstructs the HAG Archetype at The Green Room 42
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Beverly Baker is making her NYC debut in her upcoming one-woman show, HAG. Baker’s show, which she also wrote, will play one night only at the Green Room 42 tomorrow on Wednesday July 10th, 2024 at 7 pm. Tickets are available on the Green Room 42 website.

In this career-spanning show, inspired by her own experience, Baker will bring to life a series of characters to expose and humanize an archetype that is woven into centuries of folklore and generations of storytelling. The show leans into the archetype of the “hag” and explores its many variations that show up throughout history, folklore, fairytale, ancient legend, cinema, theater and beyond.

A percentage of proceeds will benefit a charitable partner dedicated to amplifying women's voices.

Read a conversation with Baker about the show and her NYC debut below.

Where did the idea for HAG come from?
HAG started as a bit of a joke among me and my theatre colleagues. In discussions around our "character type,” mine was all over the place, except for one very key, consistent archetype. The list of parts I could play would always end with "....or you could totally be the Hag." We'd laugh about it, but as I started to sit with the idea, I wondered what would happen if I really leaned into it. As I started researching and asking questions, I uncovered a treasure trove of humanity that was intriguing, exciting and in need of attention. And I started to wonder how I could give these women a voice.

How do you feel about making your NYC debut?
Making my NYC debut is exciting, terrifying, thrilling and really a momentous occasion! New York is such an iconic city for artists. We come here to make dreams come true! I landed in New York City about 6 weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic shut everything down. And I decided to stay here, keep working and wait for the opportunities to come back. It was during the lockdown that I really started to learn how important it was to create art, to tell my stories, so it's pretty poetic for me that this city is where I bring this story to life for the first time. It really is a dream come true - and a long time coming!

Are you looking forward to performing your own work? 

I really am. This is my New York debut, but it is also my writing debut. I really had to dig deep to allow these women to come through in an honest and vulnerable way. And as I wrote their stories, I realized I was also writing mine. I am so honored to be able to share it with everyone in an incredible space with the most supportive creative team.

What would you like audiences to take away from HAG? 

If I had my wish, I think I would like each audience member to walk away with a favorite HAG. One that they connect with in a deep and personal way. I hope to challenge them to think about the HAG differently than they did when they arrived – to see the humanity that is there behind each and every one of them.

What's coming up next from you, aside from this? 

This production is the first of my new production company, Artifex in Motion. We are also actively working on a limited series that explores a set of historical women who have been misunderstood for centuries now. It's historical fiction designed to reframe the conversation about them in an exciting way – that's all I can say for now! But honestly, my production company is dedicated to telling these untold stories, and so I'm actively looking for scripts, for opportunities (both live performance and film) as well as funding and additional production staff. Really, just growing the production company into a presence in the industry.

Is there anything else you'd like to add? 

Just a heartfelt thank you to the team of people who helped me bring this show to life. That includes people who have influenced me as a person and as an artist for years. My family, my friends, my mentors, my creative team and my HAG Squad. We really are a collection of people and experiences. And each one of them made me who I am and brought me to this incredible moment in my career. I am so blessed.

For tickets to HAG, visit the Green Room 42 website.


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