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BWW Interview: Blaine Alden Krauss of A MOMENT OF CLARITY On September 10th

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The popular young force steps back into the light for a good cause.

BWW Interview: Blaine Alden Krauss of A MOMENT OF CLARITY On September 10th

Blaine Alden Krauss is nothing if not honest. In his work and his life, both public and private, Mr. Krauss is a model of positivity and transparency, always straightforward and open - open to suggestion, open of heart, and open for discussion. For sixth months Blaine Krauss has been one of the legions of performers unable to ply their craft for the benefit of their fans, as well as their own soul, and he has spoken freely of his quarantine experience on his social media, sharing the journey that is his quest for enlightenment and a better life, not only for himself, but for others affected by difficult times. Now, Blaine Alden Krauss brings his earnest commitment to his first performance since the production of HAMILTON that he was doing closed down.

On September 10th at 7:30 pm Blaine Alden Krauss will perform a new live streaming concert titled A MOMENT OF CLARITY, a concert that will support The Healing and Discovery Foundation. The musical event will be performed at Smash Studios in Manhattan and is planned as an evening of reflection, awareness and healing through musical selections ranging from Stevie Wonder to Patti LaBelle to Stephen Sondheim. As BAK prepares to make his first trip to the microphone in six months, Broadway World Cabaret reached out to ask what his many fans can expect to see on the 10th (all details included at the end of the interview).

This interview was conducted digitally and is reproduced as received.

Blaine Krauss! Welcome to Broadway World Cabaret - I am so excited to be talking with you today.

Thank you for having me!

Let's jump right into the breaking news - on September 10th you are performing a concert titled A MOMENT OF CLARITY: what is the theme of your show?

A Moment of Clarity is going to be an evening of reflection, awareness and healing. This has been quite the mental and emotional rollercoaster with the public health crisis, civil unrest over race and public safety. economy protests. Not to mention the economy and it being an historic election year. I wanted to curate a space for us to process, with music of course.

BWW Interview: Blaine Alden Krauss of A MOMENT OF CLARITY On September 10thThis concert is being live-streamed as a benefit for the HEALING AND DISCOVERING FOUNDATION - tell us about your association with the organization.

I became introduced to the foundation after taking my own personal journey towards embracing emotional and mental health about two years ago via a therapy group, The Paradox Process. Normalizing the conversation about mental health and therapy has been a banner Ive been proudly embracing unabashadley these past few years. The foundation does incredible work partnering with schools and beginning to have this conversation and offer tools and techniques at ages we need it the most. The timing right now certainly feels important and opportune, and I'm thrilled to be raising awareness and money for them.

Just before New York City went into quarantine and the entertainment industry stopped working, you had, literally, just started working on HAMILTON; this will be your first time performing since that job was, unceremoniously, ended. So how are you feeling as you prepare to take the mic again?

I'm feeling DRY!!! Ha! It has been a journey opening up this throat again, I think all the vocalists know what Im talking about, But, I will say, I've been on this journey, like all of us, and have been processing. So there is a lot I want to express and heal. And I know, sharing and singing from that space will take care of the months of silence.

I've seen the list of some of the music you'll be performing and it's quite exciting: what were the criteria for song selections when you began putting together A MOMENT OF CLARITY?

Well, I wanted to make sure the selections would aid me in creating a space that offered very real reflection on what we've been going through. Curating a setlist that processes the civil unrest, the instability of our jobs/economy, especially as artists and the emotional and mental toll it's taken on all of us was the goal. But that's just half of it, because there is joy to be had and healing to celebrate. So we will hear the music of Stevie Wonder, Sondheim, PJ Morton, etc to guide us through.

These last five months, your social media has been filled with reflection, introspection, positivity, and strong opinions. Why is it important to you, to spend this downtime in the pursuit of soul growth?

There is a deep part of me that feels we won't ever get this kind of "time" again. Make no mistake, the way in which 2020 was handed to us has been stressful, unwanted, and for too many, heartbreaking. But, on another hand, we are being forced into a beautiful opportunity to become conscious and fully aware about ourselves and the world in which we habit. I'm the type who sees something like this and says "OK, is that what we are doing? Let's go" And so, like all of us, I've been asking soul-searching questions, 'cause we can't deny that we are in soul-searching times.

And what is the benefit of sharing yourself, so openly, with the people who follow your social media?

Part of the reason we are facing some of these issues today is because we don't see ourselves in one another. I understand there is an element of social media that will never allow me to present my truest authentic self and there is a lot of power in curating our identities. So it feels important to show perspective on the whole. Ultimately on my social media I want you to see that I go through the same high and lows as you. And am seeking the same answers to the same questions.

You have, rapidly, developed a large following of young people who look to you as an example - were there artistic personalities or celebrated public figures who served as your role models, growing up?

I'm very on the nose when it comes to these answers. I am a moth to flame for fearless and inspiring artists/figures. So like I've been a Billy Porter fan from jump, because he lives with a joy and authenticity that can't be taught. And for public figures a great story to know is that in college I skipped a vocal coaching class to watch Oprah's last talk show episode in my dorm. It was a must that I catch it live, and yes, my Professor knows this story.

You participated in a wonderful panel discussion about race relations in cabaret and concerts for Broadway World's CABARET CORNER with Ari Axelrod. During that chat, you mentioned that your professional billing is Blaine Alden Krauss because of an obsession you have with a great Broadway performer. Is there a chance you would share some insight into that story with us?

Yes, yes of course. So my full name is Blaine Alden Krauss. And when I was a kid my mom and I would daydream and conjure up that my stage name would be "Blaine Alden." Well fast forward to the day when I had to choose my Actors Equity name, I told this to my dad and he nearly had a heart attack. So I decided that I would do an homage to my favorite actor Brian Stokes Mitchell. The three names has seemed to work well for him, so I'm hoping for the same luck.

See that panel discussion HERE

You have openly shared your journey with health and fitness and your body transformation. How have you done with that, during the pandemic? Did you gain the quarantine fifteen, or did you find a way to stay fit?

It has been a journey!! If I hadn't ordered dumbbells when they closed the gyms I would be in lots of trouble considering how much I've indulged in my pantry. Health and fitness is a relationship, not a one time workout or diet, and like all relationships we go through it!

What's the picture in your head for the moment when the curtain falls on A MOMENT OF CLARITY on September 10th?

The three cameras doing the livestream will cut, I'll take a deep breath and embrace a huge smile cause it will have felt good to process and heal in that hour. I'm hoping for the same to all who will come and share with me.

Blaine, thank you so much for sharing yourself with our readers at Broadway World Cabaret - you're an inspiration to us all. Have fun on the 10th!

Thank you! Can't wait to see you there.

I wouldn't miss it.

Blaine Alden Krauss IN "A Moment of Clarity'' September 10th, 7:30pm In Support of the Healing and Discovery Foundation, 503(c). Solo Live-Stream Concert Donation Fee

Moment of Clarity

Blaine Alden Krauss (Hamilton, The Cher Show, Kinky Boots,) presents a one night only musical event, live streamed from Smash Studios in the heart of NYC. "A Moment of Clarity'' is an evening of reflection, awareness and healing through musical selections ranging from Stevie Wonder to Patti LaBelle to Stephen Sondheim. During these shifting and unsteady times, Blaine seeks to offer a Moment of Clarity through the universal gift of music and give back to an organization whose mission is to "empower those we serve to triumph over adversity by providing social/emotional knowledge and feeling management tools that will sustain them throughout their lives." This evenings contributions will go towards benefiting the "Healing and Discovery Foundation." Guest Vocalists: • J Harrison Ghee (Kinky Boots, The Sting) is notable for his New York Times critically praised performance as Lola in Kinky Boots. Ghee recently starred in The Sting at Papermill Playhouse alongside Harry Connick Jr. • Anthony Murphy (Disney's Aladdin) originate the role of The Genie in the North American national tour of Aladdin • Austin Rivers (Spamilton) Recently completed the national tour of Spamilton The Musical. Live Interview: • Live interview with Thomas Jones; founder of Healing and Discovery Foundation Event and Donation Info: Live Streamed on YoutubeLive and FacebookLive

Blaine Alden Krauss

Bangor Daily describes Blaine Alden Krauss, a native of St. Petersburg, Florida, as " up and coming star worth keeping both eyes on." Krauss holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from the College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) at the University of Cincinnati. After making his broadway debut in the critically acclaimed Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 he strutted across the Al Hershfield in the Tony Award Winning Kinky Boots. He most recently was seen on Broadway in The Cher Show and The Radio City New York Spectacular under the direction of Mia Michaels and on tour with Disney's The Lion King, playing Simba across the US and Canada. Blaine is currently featured as the standby for Hamilton, Burr and King George on the nat'l tour of Hamilton. In 2011 his talents led him to be a feature performer for the largest Commemoration of 9/11 outside of the U.S at the Trocadero in Paris, performing for Government Officials. The event concluded with a free concert in front of the Eiffel Tower with the Royal Orchestra. In 2010 he was selected to be 1 of 20 Presidential Scholars in the Arts by the White House and Presidential Scholar Commission. This honor culminated in a medal ceremony with President Barack Obama and a performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Blaine was selected to be the Feature Vocalist at the 2010 July 4th Celebration at the US National Archives; a feature vocalist with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra in Indiana for their Holiday Pops Concert; was a selected participant at the International Fringe Festival in Edinburgh Scotland; a 2010 Silver Winner in Musical Theatre by the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts Program, and can be currently seen as a frequent performer of Feinstein's 54 Below in NYC, as well as with symphonies across the country with Spot-On Entertainment. Other theatrical credits include Benny in In the Heights at Theatre Under The Stars, Godspell and Spelling Bee at the West Virginia Public Theatre. @Blainekr

Healing and Discovery Foundation Healing and Discovery Foundation

(est. 2016) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit education organization based in New York City, NY. Our mission is to empower those we serve to triumph over adversity by providing social/emotional knowledge and feeling management tools that will sustain them throughout their lives. We deal with youth populations facing the greatest challenges of the day. Our organization currently works with young adults in New York City and the surrounding area that are recovering from drug dependency. In addition, we work with underserved middle school and high school students in New York City and the surrounding areas. This population is struggling with a myriad of social-emotional issues such as bullying, test anxiety, depression, family and peer issues. Our goal is to inspire, grow, and empower those we serve by teaching them the dynamics of their feelings and emotions and how the mind works. Our curriculum includes practical explanations of how feelings create behavior. We coach our students in how to manage feelings (and thus behavior) by using The Paradox Process, an emotional regulation technique designed to identify, communicate, and change negative feelings, perceptions and beliefs. Healing and Discovery Foundation envisions a world where every individual receives an emotional education and the tools to manage negative feelings and emotions as part of their educational curriculum . We want to inform the conversation about emotional education in a way that mastering emotions is as commonplace and critical as mastering reading, writing and math.

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