ZENITH Screens At The Kraine Theater

ZENITH Screens At The Kraine Theater

The new film ZENITH, a retro-futuristic steampunk thriller will have its premiere on Wednesday, January 19th at The Kraine Theater, 85 East 4th Street.

ZENITH was written, directed and produced by Vladan Nikolic, and stars Jason Robards III, Peter Scanavino, Ana Asensio, David Thornton, Raynor Scheine, Jay O. Sanders, Johra Lampert, Bernie Rachelle -Schleimann and Didier Flamand.

Forty years from now, in a desolate and indefinite post-industrial future, the population has been genetically altered to live in a constant state of happiness. But what they soon discover is that without contrasting it to sorrow, happiness dissipates, leaving only a feeling of never-ending numbness. Only pain can now make people feel alive.

The story follows two men - father and son - during two different time periods, who are each drawn to discover who or what is behind a grand conspiracy, which seems to rule the world. Both men find themselves embarking on a search that will ultimately lead them to a Faustian bargain-a deal with the devil that will force each into a final confrontation with their own humanity.

ZENITH is also a transmedia experience - a multi-platform media approach, where the film is the centerpiece, but the narrative and audience interaction can extend beyond watching the film by using the internet and new media applications. Through a variety of websites, the experience participants (the audience members) are able to find, download and collect pieces of the narrative (the "tapes"), and re-construct them through active groups on social media sites. Details are in the press notes.

While they are able to re-create, interact and comment with the film's storyline this way, participants can also create and upload their own versions of the story, as ZENITH‘s narrative is open to multiple interpretations.

ZENITH will have its premiere on Wednesday, January 19th at The Kraine Theater, 85 East 4th Street and will be platformed around the county in the coming months in: Indianapolis, IN; Bellingham, WA; Albuquerque, NM; Dallas, TX; Oakmont, PA; Hartford, CT; and New Orleans, LA