Saurav Dutt Writes Mickey Rourke Biography, 'Stand Alone: The Films of Mickey Rourke'


He may have the image of a silver screen tough-guy; fearless, strong and powerful. However, one acclaimed author has written a biography that presents the real side of Mickey Rourke.

The man behind the book ‘Stand Alone: The Films of Mickey Rourke' is Saurav Dutt - an author who has become renowned around the world for his knowledge of the Golden Globe and Academy Award nominated star of the hit movie ‘The Wrestler'. Saurav has previously written about Rourke for publications including Time Out, Total Film and the Independent Film Magazine.

Saurav Dutt says, in his own words, "Mickey Rourke was a distinguished actor, screenwriter and producer - but, as with previous biographies on him, there was a large focus on tabloid-style scandal and gossip. Having spent many years studying his life and career in great detail, my new book places a special focus on his works, as well as exposing the reader to some of the more intimate interviews he gave in his life."

The book has only just been released, but is already selling well. Viral marketing has played a huge part in making it so successful, with plenty of discussion on Facebook that is exciting Mickey Rourke fans everywhere.

Saurav Dutt believes the in-depth content has been the key to the book's success. "The level of detail really is quite amazing", says Saurav. He continues "This is the only book about Rourke's life that takes the reader on a personal journey into some of the actor's lesser-known works. It's not just a collection of A-Z facts, but a journey that's told with the aim of personally connecting with each reader. Even the most die-hard Mickey Rourke fans have new discoveries awaiting them within its pages".

'Stand Alone: The Films of Mickey Rourke' is out now, and available through Amazon in the UK and US in paperback, and in Kindle formats.

Saurav Dutt has been a life-long fan of movies, especially the works of Mickey Rourke. Having written about him in publications that are read the world over, his new book - 'Stand Alone: The Films of Mickey Rourke'- allows readers to see a side of the actor that has never before been exposed.

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