Nick Jonas Dropped From ABC's LAST MAN STANDING

Entertainment Weekly reports that there will be some new faces on ABC's LAST MAN STANDING when the comedy returns for its second season. Newly appointed showrunner Tim Doyle has made the decision to recast some of the show's key roles, including that of Ryan, ex-boyfriend of Kristin, which last season was played by Nick Jonas. According to the report, Doyle hopes to find an actor who will not only have a recurring story arc, but will represent a threat to Tim Allen's Mike Baxter. There have been no details as to why Jonas will not return in the role.<

In addition, the roles of Kristin, Mike Baxter’s eldest daughter and Kristin’s son Boyd will also be recast. Amanda Fuller will take on the part of the eldest daughter, replacing Alexandra Krosney. Fuller is best known for her role as Dr. Morgan Peterson on Grey’s Anatomy. Her other TV credits include Scandal and Bones.

Young actor FLynn Morrison will play 5-year-old Boyd, portrayed last year by toddler twins Luke and Evan Kruntchev.

Last Man Standing will move to Fridays this fall on ABC.