Netflix Exec Confirms HOUSE OF CARDS Spinoff

Netflix Exec Confirms HOUSE OF CARDS Spinoff

Netflix Exec Confirms HOUSE OF CARDS Spinoff

According to The Daily News, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos has confirmed recent reports of a HOUSE OF CARDS spinoff. The news comes after series star Kevin Spacey was accused of multiple acts of sexual misconduct.

Sarandos will not reveal whether Spacey's character, Francis Underwood character, will be featured in the spinoff, but shares that he believes the network did the right thing in firing Spacey. "I think it gave us all an opportunity to soul-search right away and I love that we were able to very quickly come to the conclusion," Sarandos said at the Critics Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

He added that Netflix concluded employees have a right to "a workplace that is safe, where people are equal and respected and are judged by the quality of their work and not who they are - not to be in a position to be taken advantage of by people of power." He went on to explain that, "The best way to set that environment is, no matter who it is, they've got to go."

In confirming news of the spin off, Sarandos shared, "People love the show. They love Claire (portrayed by Robin Wright). They love Francis, too, and everybody wants to see how this wraps up." He offers, "Yes, this was a Kevin Spacey story, but there's 340 people who make that show."

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