Journeyman Features to Release Michele Remsen's Acclaimed TOSS IT Globally on September 17th

Journeyman Features to Release Michele Remsen's Acclaimed TOSS IT Globally on September 17th

UK distributor Journeyman Features will release this clever film across all VOD/Digital platforms in more than six languages as it crisscrosses the globe from Australia to Zimbabwe beginning on Tuesday, September 17th, 2019. A true anti-romantic comedy, we join the characters where a romantic comedy would typically end with the classic prototypes: charming noncommittal guy and shrewd wary woman who's witty banter (instantly brings to mind a modern day Rosalind Russell & Cary Grant), lead all signs pointing toward the expected outcome. Then everything gets tossed. And gets real. As the men and women of "Toss It" battle for the stakes they set out to get, the story stealthily reveals that the real relationship skirmishes are among the women.

Emily, played with wit and depth by Michele Remsen, thinks she knows everything and will fix everyone and everything going forward. Adele, played with cool savvy by Broadways' own Blair Ross ("Stranger in the House," "Bully"), runs a carefully crafted world of which she is in full control. Natalie, played with hair-trigger hilarity by Allison Frasca ("The Murders of Cane Hill," "Situationships") wants to be Adele, blindly and vehemently following a traditional path. And, Marie, played with stealth-bomber accuracy by Jenny Zerke, questions everything, chasing down every belief even if they change weekly. Though she appears the flakiest, she is the only one actively seeking wisdom. Starring alongside the women of "Toss It" are Phil Burke ("This Is Forty," SyFy's "Van Helsing"), Stephen Bogardus ("Julie & Julia," "Gold"), and many more.

As "Toss It" tosses the fairytales women are fed and serves up real life, it makes the point: write your own script. Or, if you follow the traditions, really question why you are. Have clarity about your life. So many people don't, and they're miserable and make others miserable. This film suggests: just check in, ask deep questions of yourself and assess those closest to you, if their intentions for you are true. Displacement is a key word in "Toss It." It's the root of a lot of unhappiness and dysfunction. So, is it fear that makes these characters not look inside? Or a presumption that they know more than everyone else? Sometimes it takes a shocking incident to shake people out of the customary torpor in which they habitually function. Waking up might mean throwing over everything they've been taught. Some people like the herd, and will twist themselves into knots to stay in it. While others don't fear cutting their own path. "Toss It" looks at that collision of types.

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