John Heard Joins Indie Film SEARCHING FOR FORTUNE

John Heard Joins Indie Film SEARCHING FOR FORTUNE

According to Variety, John Heard has signed on for the indie drama SEARCHING FOR FORTUNE, helmed by Joseph Matarrese.

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He will join Brian Smolensky, Christina Moor and Tom Costello in the cast.

'FORTUNE' follows "an oil worker whose world is turned upside down when he receives news of his adopted older brother's untimely death and must make a journey of self-assessment, reflection and discovery with the help of his brother's widow."

Heard's other upcoming big screen projects include Boiling Pot, The Nurse, After the Reality, Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero and Living Among Us. His recent credits include Sister, Boys of Abu Ghraib, Animals, Warren, Torn, and Runner Runner.

The actor last appeared on Broadway in 1983's The Glass Menagerie. Before that, he starred onstage in Broadway's Total Abandon, Hamlet and Warp.