HEMLOCK GROVE Star Famke Janssen Set for Afterbuzz TV Network

HEMLOCK GROVE Star Famke Janssen Set for  Afterbuzz TV Network

Janssen stars as "Olivia Godfrey" in the breakout Netflix hit series Hemlock Grove. Commenting on the revolutionary success of Netflix and it's sweep of recent Emmy nominations Janssen says, "I think it's really an incredible thing what Netflix has brought to the table. They've turned our business upside down. People have become very nervous as a result.

But at the same time it has opened so many opportunities for actors, for writers for directors, for anybody in our business to create more on a bigger scale and for a longer period of time. It's neither a movie nor television. It lives somewhere in between." She continues, "We don't need to live by the same rules that regular television has. People can watch it at their own leisure which is fantastic."

On the evolution of her character Olivia in the second season Janssen reveals, "The beginning of season 2 we all of a sudden see Olivia stripped of everything because she no longer has control. She can feel things that she's never felt before. Empathy was something entirely new to her it really kind of threw me for a whole new set of interesting hurdles my way of 'How do I keep her as much Olivia as she was yet give her the other elements that we are now introducing to her character. It was fun."

Hemlock Grove is available now on Netflix's instant streaming.

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