GODZILLA: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Out Today

GODZILLA: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Out Today

Today, WaterTower Music releases the soundtrack to Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures' epic action adventure "Godzilla", which hits theatres May 16. The 20-track "Godzilla" soundtrack features new music from Golden Globe and Grammy Award winner, and six time Academy Award nominee Alexandre Desplat, and will be released both digitally and on CD today, May 13. The Godzilla soundtrack premieres today on Spotify, and is currently available for preorder now at iTunes and Amazon.

The Parisian-born composer worked closely with director Gareth Edwards ("Monsters") as the score was taking shape to establish what he describes as "a great sense of continuity between what you're seeing and hearing." Desplat elaborates, "When I played back music for him in my studio, I could see him watching the images and listening at the same time...Gareth is very sensitive to music and that was fantastic for me."

"Alexandre is a bit of a hero of mine musically, and the score he created for this film is just stunning," says Edwards. "I'm really excited. I can't quite believe not only that Alexandre composed the Godzilla soundtrack, he's done my soundtrack. It's the most amazing gift I think I'll ever get."

With the great force of Godzilla propelling the action, Desplat also relished the opportunity to make a big sonic impact with the music as he recorded the final score with the Hollywood Studio Orchestra. "I've never done a monster movie before, so coming to this with more than a hundred musicians-double brass, double horns-allowed me to open the frame of my imagination to another territory, and that's very exciting," Desplat describes.

The Godzilla track list is as follows:

1. Godzilla!
2. Inside The Mines
3. The Power Plant
4. To Q Zone
5. Back to Janjira
6. Muto Hatch
7. In The Jungle
8. The Wave
9. Airport Attack
10. Missing Spore
11. Vegas Aftermath
12. Ford Rescued
13. Following Godzilla
14. Golden Gate Chaos
15. Let Them Fight
16. Entering The Nest
17. Two Against One
18. Last Shot
19. Godzilla's Victory
20. Back To The Ocean

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