Comedian Carrot Top to Produce Movie Based on Brian Evans Novel THE FUNNY ROBBERS

Carrot Top is known the world over as one of the most famous comedians on the planet. In fact, Reader's Digest recently honored him with their cover. The comedian, who has been one of the staples on the LasVegas Strip with hiscontinuous sold-out concerts at the Luxor, is entering a new realm: Movies.

Carrot Top and singer Brian Evans ("At Fenway" and "Creature at The Bates Motel," where the two became the first ever to film a music video at the famous lot for the movie "Psycho," which was fully approved by the Alfred Hitchcock Estate), will executive produce, with Dan O'Leary, a film adaptation of Brian's brainchild, "The Funny Robbers," which he co-wrote with O'Leary, Carrot Top's manager.

Evans is no stranger to show business. He has recorded numerous albums, his music is used on the hit Netflix animated series "BoJack Horseman," began his career on "Full House," and wrote three other novels currently in the works to be major motion pictures including "Horrorscope," "Savannah," (co-written with Ted Hamby), and several other books including "Bad Decision," and "HorrorscopeIII," along witha book about his mother that he has been working on, as well as researching. He is also a partial patent-holder in Point Motion, which allows the hearing impaired to be provided a voice using infrared technology. He is also working on a new album. He also has been producing The Maui Celebrity Series, and is partnering on a wine vineyard in Bordeaux, France with a well-known friend. He has been the opening act for Joan Rivers, Jay Leno, Erasure, Social Distortion, and the list goes on. He's performed thousands of shows in LasVegas.

Carrot Top, however, doesn't require as much of an introduction. His legend speaks for itself.

The novel is about four comedians who, spoiled with fame, take on a string of stand-up COMEDY CLUB dates. This is in far contrast to the stadiums for which they are accustomed to performing in. However, during the trip, they meet up with a sinister bank executive who manipulates Carrot Top into helping the corrupt bank executive in his effort to retrieve stolen TARP funds that the executive has been stealing. This sets off a hilarious story in which the comedians must rob his bank chain in each state the comics are set to tour (states that the bank has a branch in), or they risk going to prison.

"Never did I dream that a book I wrote would get this type of attention, and I am honored to know that a book I wrote will hit the big screen, and it won't be the first," says Evans.

Carrot Top is also thrilled with the developments.

"A freewheeling romp featuring crooks, comedians, con men, and colorful characters that will keep you turning the pages until the climactic conclusions. On the screen, it will be amazing," says the comedian.

"It will take a big crew to put this together, but we are ready for the task and people are lining up to make this happen. I couldn't be happier," says Evans.

Other producers will also be coming on board, with Evan LaRochelle, Mark Biltz, and Cameron Walker taking on the roles of associate producers.

"The talent in this will blow your mind, and we're on the look-out for more," says Evans.

Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous star Robin Leach says of the book-to-be-movie, "I couldn't put it down."

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