BWW Recap: The GIRLS Face the Real World

Forehead kisses versus an almost-naked Elijah, a full-romantic breakfast versus an empty box of cereal, it is clear Adam and Hannah have gone from soul mates to strangers faster than one of Shoshanna's job interviews. This week's episode, "Close-Up", shows the aftermath's aftermath of Adam and Hannah's breakup. Though at first Mimi Rose seemed like our own personal enemy-well, anyone's who was rooting for Hannah and Adam to survive-it's hard to feel bitter about Adam finally looking happy. He has motivation, he's gleaming from ear to ear, and for that reason, I guess Mimi can stay?

On to our next happy couple are the purely physical-though they refuse to admit it-Marnie and Desi. Having sex to their own song must be a new revelation for both of them . . . maybe they are trying to spice things up a bit?

With a zoom-in on Madame Tinsley's Instant Soup, we have discovered yet another one of Shoshanna's interviews. Though this one epically fails, it's incredible entertaining. Laughing at Shoshanna's lack of a resume is almost as funny as the insults she snarls back. Leaving job-less (but with a date?), we can already see the trophy wife crown forming above her head.

Finally, our close-up moves to Ray, who has taken his passion for the city council very seriously. Making moves, creating models and using his full name 'Raymond' allows us to see Shoshanna's ex (and Marnie's lover?) in a new, sophisticated light.

It is evident Desi and Marnie's relationship lost its luster once it legitimately started. Marnie passion for Desi is met by Desi's passion for himself. Desi is more into Marnie's body than Marnie . . . or their music, or their fans. In a heated debate over their duet's image (they are totally a She & Him band by the way, sorry Desi!), the fight becomes too serious too fast. Did Marnie put all her energy into winning something so . . . meaningless?

Things between Mimi Rose and Adam get really real really fast. Asking Mimi to go for a run, a nonchalant, "I can't because I had an abortion," answers the question. Um, WHAT? At first I really thought she was joking and maybe she was even weirder than Adam, but no, she repeats this sentence 3 TIMES. An ABORTION? And then we learn this isn't her FIRST abortion? And that it's not okay to ask how MANY abortions a girl has had? Every thought running through my head was who is this girl, why did she have a secret abortion without confronting Adam, and why does she keep saying the word abortion as if she was telling him she had a yogurt!

Switching over to a less dramatic scene, Hannah is back at her psychologist's office, though this time things are different. Was writing fulfilling, or did it just make her friends and family happy? Is making others happy her true calling? Is she . . . a helper? "This is like a wow moment for me," it's a wow moment for everyone.

Back to the third-degree abortion questioning, Adam's need for answers is met with a casual tone and overall bitchy manner. While Adam thinks he should have been a part of this major decision, Mimi proves her and Adam barely even know each other; her middle name isn't even Rose! Is Adam over-reacting? Is Mimi under-reacting?!

Finally! The reunion of the GIRLS (and honorary girl Elijah of course) occurs with talks over failed relationships, jobs, and overall life plans. It seems that none of the girls can have their cake AND eat it too, and life has become too real to hide under a duvet and pretend it's not happening. Marnie is so over the effort she put in to win Desi, Shoshanna cannot land a job (deciding instead to just marry into money), Elijah lived life to the fullest out in Iowa and Jessa is sick of everyone in general. When Hannah decides to announce her big career change to help people, no one is supportive. Marnie, Jessa, Shosh and Elijah say the words everyone is thinking: Hannah is selfish. Hannah doesn't help people. Can Hannah really become a teacher?

Back at the city council meeting, bored as ever, Ray's passion for politics comes out, as he demands his thoughts to be heard. Pointing out major organizational flaws, his yelling actually does some good, putting board members in their place and realizing their own flaws as well.

The montage of Adam packing up his things is somewhat bittersweet. Mimi clearly has some issues, but Adam just seemed so happy. Of course, he can't make the full escape without meeting her outside of the apartment. This is it, either the make-up speech or the break-up speech. She's independent, she's getting used to having Adam around, but . . . she really likes him: make-up speech indeed.

With Hannah off to a teaching interview, Adam back to bed with Mimi and Ray creating his campaign posters, GIRLS is moving its characters into completely new directions. Is Hannah qualified to become a teacher? Will Ray rule New York? Are Adam and Mimi the real deal? Write your comments or tweet me @SamReichstein!

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