Samantha Reichstein

Samantha Reichstein

Majoring in Journalism at the University of Texas (hook 'em!), writing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Acting in plays and musicals throughout middle school and high school as well, Broadway World is the perfect combination for me. When I'm not watching GIRLS (or raving about it on all social media sites), balancing school and a social life of family, friends, and theatrical outings consumes the rest of my time!



BWW Review: The GIRLS Break-up and Make-up
March 15, 2015

As episode nine begins, we learn Jessa has conquered her prize. Here it is, Jessa, and Ace, making love whilst talking dirty about fourth grade teachers and Tiffany (yes, the 1980s mall star).

BWW Recap: The GIRLS and Their Reality Check
March 8, 2015

This week's episode, “Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz”, allowed not just the girls to be showcased, but two vital characters in Hannah's life, Tad and Loreen, were focused on as well.

BWW Review: Go Ahead, Ask the GIRLS Their Names
March 1, 2015

“Are we just doing good things to avoid personal suffering, or is there actually a thing of goodness?” Hannah Horvath, standing in front of a chalkboard, discussing Oedipus Rex in a classroom full of students . . . is this real life?!

BWW Recap: The GIRLS Face the Real World
February 22, 2015

Forehead kisses versus an almost-naked Elijah, a full-romantic breakfast versus an empty box of cereal, it is clear Adam and Hannah have gone from soul mates to strangers faster than one of Shoshanna's job interviews. This week's episode, “Close-Up”, shows the aftermath's aftermath of Adam and Hannah's breakup. Though at first Mimi Rose seemed like our own personal enemy—well, anyone's who was rooting for Hannah and Adam to survive—it's hard to feel bitter about Adam finally looking happy. He has motivation, he's gleaming from ear to ear, and for that reason, I guess Mimi can stay?

BWW Recap: The GIRLS, Adam, and Mimi Rose Howard
February 15, 2015

GIRLS provided no time lapse for us this week, starting “Sit-In” right where we left off- literally, just moments after opening the door to our newest character (and enemy?) Mimi Rose Howard (COMMUNITY'S GILLIAN JACOBS). With tensions high as ever- Hannah, or any of us for that matter unable to comprehend what is going on, Mimi Rose decides to go out for “a cold pressed juiced”. Asking if anyone else wants one, we can't help but roll our eyes even more, and thankfully watch her walk out the door.

BWW Recap: The GIRLS and Their Apologies (or Non-Apology-Apologies)
February 8, 2015

This week's episode, “Cubbies”, highlights how each girl is functioning in her new, rather calm, role. Whether it be experiencing gruesome interviews, figuring out the romantic and platonic side of a duet partner, struggling to find true passion, or just being an honest, AA member; Shoshanna, Marnie, Hannah, and Jessa seem to be growing up (in their own way) and (surprisingly) accepting the plot twists.

BWW Recap: The GIRLS are in town? No, Urine-town.
January 25, 2015

While only taking one class a week, the intensity of Hannah's Iowa Writing Workshop proves less than expected through a video chat with our sometimes-friend Jessa. Peeping out of the corner for just a split second before listing off his activities for the day, it is clear that Elijah has become the social butterfly of grad school while the true student, Hannah, sits back and watches free time pass her by. Sadly, this couldn't be any more predictable than what was expected. We learned to love Hannah for who she is because of the environment she was placed in, the middle of New York with three crazy best friends and an even crazier boyfriend. But can others learn to love the girl we all know and respect when she stands out immensely against everyone else? Of course, Jessa and Hannah's conversation ends with the same déjà vu of Marnie's: Adam. With the same distant, non-emotional responses as before, who knows which upcoming video chat will truly give us the details of Adam we all are longing to hear.

BWW Recap: GIRLS Takes on an Iowa Revolution?
January 18, 2015

Shots of green lawns, school bells, Hannah counting her steps... is the OCD back? No, she is amazed at the size of her apartment in Iowa! The move is finished, and Hannah Horvath is officially enrolled in the graduate program, living in the land of greenery, bike rides, and over sized apartments (or normal sized, if you aren't coming from New York). Feeling as if she has finally made the right choice in her life, (even eating grapes as a snack), she raves to Marnie of new-found life in Iowa, exclaiming everyone should move over and they can start the Iowa Revolution. However, talking to Marnie opens a door Hannah has clearly been ignoring: Adam. The conversation masks any information about him whatsoever, only a compromise that if he were to end up in the hospital, Hannah would be informed.

BWW Recap: The GIRLS Are Back In Town for Season Four
January 11, 2015

Opening with a congratulatory dinner for Hannah's soon-to-be Iowa send-off, the same uncomfortable vibes from her parents form around the table, though this time Hannah handles it with a newfound poise and control. Wondering if all it took was an acceptance letter to prove herself to the world, we can't help but feel happy seeing Hannah content and collected. Of course Adam just has to show up late, proving from his thirty-second scene that change is far from him. Still making Hannah's parents uncomfortable, still bitching about his recent career choice of acting, and still unable to show his true feelings about really anything dealing with Hannah's success.