BWW Recap: GREY'S ANATOMY 'Worms' its Way Into Our Hearts and Tear Ducts

Last night's episode of GREY'S ANATOMY, entitled "Don't Stop Me Now" did not disappoint. The Meredith/Riggs/Maggie story took a giant step forward when Maggie finally learned that Meredith and Riggs are a thing. Richard and Catherine finally buried the hatchet; Alex's patient, Veronica (who we first met earlier this season) returned to have her baby; and a super lovey dovey young couple named Mary and Dennis first disgusted us with their pet names for each other...and then really disgusted us with the worms that were breeding inside Mary. This episode brought the laughs, the tears, the unique medical storylines....And some super gross worms. What else could a GREY'S fan ask for???

The episode opens with Meredith practicing what she is going to say to Maggie when she finally opens the can of worms (get it) about her and Nathan. Maggie ends up piecing it all together during the press conference that Meredith and Nathan do about their airplane surgery. Maggie is...not impressed. In the past, Maggie has been hurt when people close to her lied or withheld information. In this episode, she was beyond hurt. She was angry. She was mean and passive aggressive and just plain angry...and it was uncomfortable to watch. Meredith finally confronts her in a supply closet (because this is where Meredith has most of her sisterly confrontations) and Maggie tells her that after the death of her mother, Meredith is all she had left, and she trusted her to be honest with her. Meredith tearfully says she was trying to do the right thing and she knows she screwed up. Later on in the episode, Meredith makes it clear that she is not going to let this ruin their relationship. Maggie is still upset, but agrees to go out for dinner with Meredith and Amelia...but she "may only talk to Amelia". Hey ladies...look on the bright least you don't have worms.

That brings us to the lighter patient storyline of the week. Mary and Dennis are in the ER because Mary's stomach is bothering her. She vomits on April's hair and neck-like she seems to make a point to lean forward and hit April up high with her vomit. Mary is the worst. April later finds a worm in her hair and honestly, she handles it like a champ...because I would have just gone home. It turns out that Mary has intestinal roundworms and has had them for a while. What's worse? They are breeding inside her and she has A LOT of them. During her de-worming surgery, April (who is in cahoots with Bailey) tries to use Dennis and Mary's relationship as a metaphor to talk to Richard about his relationship with Catherine. Richard shuts her down at every turn and Bailey has about the same amount of luck with Catherine. After April voices the realization about how similar Bailey and Catherine really are to each other, Bailey has her own realization...she understands Catherine and unlike Catherine, she knows how to be the boss and be married to a good man. She lectures Catherine with some truth and before long, Catherine and Richard have made up and are adorably looking at the selfies he took with Mary's worms in the OR. They are also on their way to having more "old people sex" as Bailey puts it. It's about time.

The other patient storyline this episode, is that of Veronica . We first met her and her best friend Jeremy in episode 6 of this season, when Alex met her at the courthouse and diagnosed her with terminal Cancer. The last time we saw Veronica, she had chosen to forgo treatment that could extend her life, in order to have her baby. I think it was clear to any long time GREY'S fan the moment we saw her return this episode, that she was not getting out of this one least we should have known that by now. It certainly doesn't make the series of events leading up to her death any less devastating though. Veronica's Cancer has metastasized to her spine and is infringing upon her spinal cord. This brings Amelia on to the case to monitor her spinal cord while Arizona and Alex deliver her baby today via C-Section. Veronica learns that she likely only has about 2 more months to live. This is devastating news, but she quickly reframes the experience and gears up for the happy moment of having her baby. When best friend/baby daddy Jeremy is out of the room, Veronica tells Arizona and Amelia that if anything goes wrong, she does not want extreme measures taken to save her live. She wants to sign a DNR so that Jeremy can focus all his attention on their son and not have to make medical decisions for her. After the baby is born, Veronica refuses to have surgery done to remove a clot in her lung. She feels her job is done. She carried this baby through a very challenging situation and has now given birth to a healthy baby boy for Jeremy to raise. She knows she is months away from dying and does not want any more painful surgery. Once her wishes are clear, Amelia sits with her and holds her to keep her warm as she passes away. Both Amelia and Veronica have made incredibly selfless (albeit completely different) sacrifices in the name of motherhood, and this allows Amelia to have an unspoken level of empathy as she is there comforting Veronica in her last moments. It is REALLY sad, you guys.

We later find Amelia crying in the elevator. Owen rushes in to hug her and they share a sweet, silent moment until he needs to get off the elevator...Not to ruin the moment, but it is impressive how the elevator stopped at Owen's floor even though he didn't even push a button! Those Grey Sloan elevators are top notch. As a Side Note...Serious question: Has Amelia had a positive patient outcome since before she killed Steph's boyfriend last season? Like...even one? She's having a rough year....and so are her patients!

Overall, another great episode. I seriously regret eating noodles while watching it though.

GREY'S ANATOMY airs Thursdays at 7pm on CTV and 8pm on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mitch Haaseth

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