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BWW RECAP: SUPERGIRL Tries to Quell the Rhetoric of Hate in 'Call to Action' as the DEO Tries to Save Thanksgiving

BWW RECAP: SUPERGIRL Tries to Quell the Rhetoric of Hate in 'Call to Action' as the DEO Tries to Save ThanksgivingDon't you love it when a show starts with a couple's awkward Thanksgiving argument on the validity of pumpkin pie vs apple pie? But all good things must come to an end because a conversation about Thanksgiving is always bound to end up like the original event - hello, racists trying to dispel entire species from the area.

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful to live somewhere that treats everyone fairly,.. oh, wait... National City faces its own specieism, as pamphlets waxing on about the "alien scourge" drop from the sky after Manchester and SUPERGIRL save the alien couple. America, too, faces a similar issue. Students on campuses all over the US - but especially in the South - leave their dorms to find the pavements littered with KKK recruitment flyers. It's a true testament to how bad things are when hate groups are openly preaching and recruiting in public. SUPERGIRL chillingly discovers that the papers are a manifesto.

Colonel Haley resumes her dismissive "big fish" attitude as she forbids SUPERGIRL to investigate the manifesto or intervene in "small" crimes she happens upon. But hey, she brought sweet potato pie, so all is forgiven?

Alex continues to prove why she's my favorite as she says, "If she [Haley] gets any more Dolores Umbridge-y, I'm going full Weasley twin." Bless. She does, however, struggle at teaching Brainy the nuances of espionage against Haley.

The Lockwood family proves themselves to be #basic racists as they celebrate Ben's cameo on the news touting his love for the cause he is secretly running. Speaking of espionage, James plans to use his image as the Children of Liberty poster boy to go undercover and figure out their game plan. Lena is worried about his safety, pulling the "I'm your boss" card to order him to go on TV and denounce the group.

Manchester continues to toe the line between right and wrong as he tortures the Children of Liberty cop in the basement of his house. Kara takes James' place in the television appearance, going up against none other than Ben Lockwood himself. Of course, Lockwood tries to turn the history of Thanksgiving to his own favor - attributing the Indigenous people to Americans and the invaders to the aliens. If you ignore everything that's been happening in National City, that might make sense, but it's not the aliens as a whole going on mass murder sprees. It's the humans.

The DEO gang realizes that the Children of Liberty have been training dogs to identify aliens and began marking houses with infrared ink with the plans to strike at "twilight's last gleaming," the name of the manifesto. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all... let's go on a murder spree. The Children of Liberty crew SUIT UP in hoodies their gold masks, toting bats and crowbars as Ben makes a nauseating Thanksgiving speech about the support of his family.

A little girl full-on turns her lizard back into a dragon while Alex chastises herself for making a Harry Potter reference earlier. Alex Danvers is life. I will admit, I never thought I'd see the day where SUPERGIRL goes head to head with a dragon. Now I'm mentally deciding which Hogwarts house all of the characters would be in. SUPERGIRL with her rigid bravery and unwavering morals and sense of justice would obviously be a Gryffindor. Winn would lead the Ravenclaws, of course. Lena literally says that there's not a line she wouldn't cross to keep her loved ones safe, so she's got the gamut on Slytherin. Nia is at the Hufflepuff helm for sure. The others don't have as clear-cut houses, so I'm putting a pin in this tangent for the time being.

What Hogwarts houses do you think the SUPERGIRL crew would be in?

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

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