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Award-Winning Burlesque Documentary Coming To Video

Award-Winning Burlesque Documentary Coming To Video

Old time burlesque is coming to a computer near you.

THE OLD STRIPPER, a feature documentary film about a burlesque legend visiting her dancing cities from yesterday, is coming to Video on Demand on June 28th . Dixie Films has partnered with Vimeo on Demand to make the entire feature film available for public viewing online.

To date, the epic underground award-winning film has screened at over 45 film festivals worldwide, and has won top honors at film festivals in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Kansas City and Des Moines.

"We're thrilled to partner with Vimeo to share this film with the world", states the film's director, Jack Truman. "This film is very personal to me. My Mother was a burlesque dancer for over 20 years in the 1970's and '80's. I grew up in that environment. Old time burlesque is a lost, unknown era. As a filmmaker, I want to open people's eyes to a subject they know nothing about. Making this movie has returned me to my roots. I'm proud and honored to share our story with the world".

Over one summer, Truman traveled the country with his real-life Mother, Opal Dockery, a burlesque legend, coast to coast, visiting all 48 states and Washington, DC. On this epic journey, they visited Opal's dancing cities from yesterday, landmarks nationwide, and interviewed over 60 burlesque dancers, young and old across the country, to compare burlesque today with how it used to be.

"This is a story that only we can tell" say's Truman.

Pre-orders for the film begin on on June 1st .

More information can be found at the film's Facebook page at

About Dixie Films: Dixie Films is a family-owned underground independent film company specializing in original alternative films. The real-life Mother and son filmmaking team of Jack Truman and Opal Dockery's films have screened at over 400 film festivals worldwide to date.

About Vimeo: Vimeo was born in 2004, created by a group of filmmakers who wanted an easy and beautiful way to share videos with their friends. Word started to spread, and an insanely supportive community of creators began to blossom. Now Vimeo is home to more the 90,000,000 creators worldwide. Founded by Jakob Lodwick and Zach Klein, Vimeo is an ad-free open video platform headquartered in New York City. The site attracts over 100 million viewers per month.

About the film: THE OLD STRIPPER is an epic feature documentary film about a burlesque legend visiting her dancing cities from yesterday. Burlesque legend Opal Dockery travels the country with her real-life son, award-winning filmmaker Jack Truman on a cross country road trip. Visiting all 48 states coast to coast, Dockery and Truman visit her dancing cities from yesterday, landmarks nationwide, and interview over 60 burlesque dancers across the country, young and old, to show how burlesque is today compared to yesterday. An epic underground unforgettable journey, THE OLD STRIPPER opens the audience's eyes to a lost era.

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