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Trent The HOOLiGAN Announces New EP 'Allgasnobreakz'

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Trent The HOOLiGAN Announces New EP 'Allgasnobreakz'

Working in the tradition of OutKast, Goodie Mob, and UGK, Trent The HOOLiGAN is living proof that the South still has something to say. Today, Trent has announced AllGasNoBreakz, a new EP slated to come out at the end of summer (more details to be announced), and shares a video for "Life Alert" - watch/share here - the third and final single from the project.

"Life Alert is an introspective take on materialism disguised as a hard-ass rap song. I had something different in mind when I wrote the hook; but when CRSN played that beat, my whole vision for the song changed," Trent said.

For the video, Trent teams up with director Kosmic Shotz for one of his most insane videos to date. As one of the final tracks to be written for the EP, "Life Alert" explores the themes of materialism and greed in the chaotic style and fashion of a trap banger.

Raised between Florida and North Carolina, the son of a pastor, Trent the Hooligan is no stranger to assumptions and misconceptions. "When you're from the South, people will think you're stupid, that we talk slow," he says. He does speak with an unmistakable accent and grew up listening to Christian rock and other worship music; looking at him, you wouldn't realize when his mouth gets going that he could rap circles around seasoned veterans, turning all the disparate experiences of his 22 years on this earth into music that's as thoughtful as it is hard (and fast).

Due for independent release at the end of the summer, Allgasnobreakz showcases Trent's tightest writing to date. From the titular intro to the heavy outro, "Mamma Pt. 2," the EP presents Trent as a fully formed talent to be reckoned with. The intro is a blistering tumult of emotions, moving between painful admissions and sheer bravado-that potent mix that only hip-hop can offer. "It's as braggadocious as it is emotional," Trent says. "I made the song the night my grandpa died, just screaming into the mic."

Stand-out track "Hyung" is a soul-baring storytelling track that opens with Trent describing his relationship to law enforcement as a young person: "Back when I thought police was heroes, with a badge and a gun/Little did I know before they shoot they make them black kids run." A number of events reshaped Trent's perspective on the justice system, and here, tragically, his older brother comes back into the picture. "When you grow up in America, especially as a white kid, you have this default belief that police are there to protect you," he says. But after watching his adopted brother's experience, he knows that the American criminal justice system is not designed to protect all its citizens, and as a result, his brother is currently incarcerated for involuntary manslaughter. "I was 17 when that happened, and it lit a fire under my ass," he says. "I wouldn't be the person I am today without him."

Allgasnobreakz drops later this summer with more information to come very soon. It's the prelude to his second full-length, 240. Paying homage to contemporary classics like J. Cole's 2014 Forest Hills Drive and Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid, Maad City, 240-a reference on the mileage to the car he drove as he was coming up-will document Trent's coming-of-age in full and will inspire a new generation of rap listeners.

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