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Rose Dorn Signs To Bar None Records, Announces Upcoming Album

Rose Dorn Signs To Bar None Records, Announces Upcoming Album

Los Angeles band Rose Dorn will release their debut album Days You Were Leaving onAugust 23 via Bar None Records. Today the band share "Shaking," the first bit of new music they have revealed since signing to the label. The track hinges on a fuzzy guitar riff before slipping into a weighty groove just beneath a sudden vocal transition from the band's Jamie Coster to Scarlet Knight. The push-and-pull feels as undeniable as it does unpredictable.

Of the track the band explains. "'Shaking' is about a select few experiences we've seen spin people out of control, and the coping mechanisms that have brought them back to reality. While the experiences are largely disconnected, they all seem to be related by trauma of varying degrees, from the rejection by a supposed soulmate to the death of a loved one. It's obviously pretty intense. I think that's why we like it being a fun, upbeat song-we had fun playing with that gap between feeling and expression."


Rose Dorn is Scarlet, Jamie and Joey Dalla Betta. The trio of "Valley Kids" fashion a totem to their bond from elements of bedroom rock, twangy desert gaze, and melancholic California pop. The band came together under a deadline; Los Angeles DIY venue The Smell offered Scarlet an opening spot for a night in March 2017. She accepted and suddenly found herself in need of a band. Through a mutual acquaintance, she met longtime childhood pals Jamie and Joey. A wealth of sonic inspirations bonded them - all three grew up on Elliott Smith and had recently developed passions for "East Coast Bandcamp Bands" a la Orchid Tapes and Double Double Whammy. The three-piece hit a practice room and Rose Dorn is the result.

The first gig was a success and they soon teamed up with engineer Phil Hartunian[Follies] to record their first EP, 2017's Speak Later. Between a string of gigs and the 2018 follow-up Call Her, Rose Dorn returned to the studio to record what would becomeDays You Were Leaving with Hartunian once again at the helm as engineer. The ten songs that make up the album examine a nebulous yet transformative period of life where things change whether you like it or not.

"We wanted to present an experience more than a collection of songs," states Joey. "The record's about endings and beginnings, of looking simultaneously backward and forward."

In many ways, one image sums up Rose Dorn. The hand-drawn album artwork features the bandmates' childhood stuffed animals-Joey's bunny named "Bunny," Scarlet's horse named "Horsey," and Jamie's Zebra named "Zebu"-snuggled next to each other.

"The only reason this project feels so special is because of how close we are," Joey leaves off. "Of course we have similar or complementary musical roots, but those would just make us a band. This is something else."

Photo Credit: Derec Patrick

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