Obsession Releases GLOBAL DOMINATION Album Today


Obsession is a super pop duo consisting of two members: Jonathan Jetson & Aryn Adonis. Their new album Global Domination is set for release today, January 15, 2013.

They came from another world, here to spread their extra auto-tuned, a$$ shaking dance sound with this planet. Their music has a message. Three qualities to live by, which are to LOVE YOURSELF, because you are all superstars in your own way. Second, to LOOK CONFIDENT, cause you are all beautiful. Last, LIVE FREE. Party hard and make the most of life no matter what your situation is. Live by this sound of music and you will forever be rich. This richest you can get, an Obsessionaire.

They began their musical Journey in 2009 when they decided to take a chance at making it big with their debut single, "Infatuation." It wasn't long before fans from all over the country, and eventually from all over the world, would start flocking to Obsession's Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace accounts to find out more about Jonathan and Aryn.

In a generation where two or more guys making music is commonly recognized as having to be a rock band and playing an instrument, and popstars are most commonly some blonde competition winner of American Idol or the X-Factor. They are here to break the mold and create a new image for what the gender and sound of a pop star can be. They are not trying to be the next Mariah Carey, cause they are not professional singers. They are here to be the next generation of pop artists.

After gaining some experience, they took a more serious approach to the music business. They have released five singles and an EP, have had radio, magazine, and countless other interviews, music featured on shows such as "The Avenue" & in a 2012 ad campaign on MTV & VH1 for the music website fMainstream.com, performed at venues around the United States including a performance for 65,000+ at Indy Pride 2011, and new music being unleashed upon the world this FALL!

Don't be surprised when you start to see or hear more of Obsession. They have a very bright future, and it is blinding.

The group's new single "The Kissing Song" and all other Obsession related things can be found here: http://officialObsession.com.