Noura Mint Seymali, Wake Up Madagascar, Karsh Kale, Acardenchados and More to Play Joe's Pub, July-Aug 2014

Noura Mint Seymali, Wake Up Madagascar, Karsh Kale, Acardenchados and More to Play Joe's Pub, July-Aug 2014

A "world" of music is set for Joe's Pub at the Public, July and August 2014. Check out the line-up below!


Sunday, July 20 at 7:00 PM


Sioux and Gypsy blood runs through Clara Sanabras's veins. Born in France, raised in Barcelona, now a Londoner, her enigmatic voice and multi-instrumentalism can be heard in Hollywood soundtracks for films like The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, and Snow White and The Huntsman. With her new album "El Vol Dispers", she returns to her roots with an elegy to exile - a visionary, musically expansive voyage. Produced by Harvey Brough and recorded by Peter Schwier, the album is in Spanish, Catalan, French and English, and features stellar guests including Eliseo Parra, Cobla Sant Jordi, The Elysian Quartet.

Sanabras has appeared internationally at Glastonbury to Sydney Opera House and collaborated with artists including Jarvis Cocker, James Horner (Titanic), Nigel Kennedy, The Count & Sinden, Natacha Atlas, Nizlopi, The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain, 21st century orchestra, Cobla Sant Jordi. She is also the featured vocalist in Simon Schama's recent BBC2 documentary "The Story of the Jews" and her song "Nada Igual", as heard in "La Reina del Sur" was no. 1 in the iTunes charts of Mexico.


Tuesday, July 22 at 9:30 PM


Singer, songwriter and environmental activist Razia Said spent her childhood in the vanilla-growing region of Madagascar's northeast coast. After years of living abroad, she returned to discover her country's landscape ravaged by illegal logging, slash and burn agriculture and the impact of climate change. ??In an effort to raise awareness at the local and international level, Razia organized the Mifohaza Masoala (Wake Up Masoala) music/environmental festival, which took place at the edge of the Masoala Rainforest in October 2011. Before the concert local inhabitants planted a total of 20,000 trees.?The concert featured some of Madagascar's most exciting performers, and the festival was a huge success. The participants agreed that the next step was to take the music and the message to the world to create an uplifting celebration of Malagasy music that makes Madagascar dance with its heart pounding rhythms, rippling guitars, lush vocal harmonies, bouncy accordion and hip-shaking dance moves. This music represents the soul and spirit of the island.


Friday, July 25 at 9:30 PM


Classically trained on flute, Monday Michiru is credited as one of the forefront pioneers of the early '90s acid jazz movement in Japan and known for "crafting danceable but artistically significant Brazilian flavored acid-jazz and soul with an underground flair." Monday's significant solo discography is only surpassed by her many featured collaborations with prestigious international DJs, bands and artists, including Louie Vega (Elements of Life and Masters at Work), Kyoto Jazz Massive, Mondo Grosso, Lisa Ono, Da Lata, Jazztronik, Blaze, and many others, making her a favored artist on the dance floors worldwide. While she is known internationally for her "unique talent" and "genre-blurring musical skills," her most recent releases, Soulception (Adventure Music, 2012) and Brasilified (Billboard Japan, 2013) focuses more on her enamour of Brazilian music. Monday has appeared in numerous music festivals and clubs worldwide as a solo artist, but this is her first time performing in NYC since 2008. She will be largely performing repertoire from her "Brasilified" release, which was voted best new jazz release of 2013 by Echoes Magazine UK and Soul Brother Records.


Saturday, July 26 at 9:30 PM


BaianaSystem explores new sound possibilities for the "guitara baiana." The sound of this unique instrument- a mini electric guitar popularized in Salvador's Carnival -- is reinvented with influences of Brazilian, African and Jamaican musical styles. In the hands of the creator of the project, Robertinho Barreto, the little guitar harmoniously dialogues with the syncopations of Afro beat and percussive rhythms of Bahia together with the psychedelica of dub and electronica. The band's distinctive voice, with the words and vocals of Russo Passapusso, explores new pitch possibilities and interactions with the bass culture of the sound systems. Combining influences of dance-hall, rap and dub-step with Brazilian samba and "repentista", the resulting language grooves within the "collage" philosophy of the sound systems, rebuilding and renovating what already exists, creating something completely new and different.


Sunday, July 27 at 9:30 PM


Dahka Band's music can be described as world music sound with a modern approach. We infuse traditional music from Algeria, Nigeria, and Turkey and make it into something new by mixing rock, funk, etc. Our lyrics are in Arabic, Berber, West African Yoruba, and English. We sing to rock instrumentation, like electric and bass guitars, tenor saxophone, drums, African and Latin percussion. The result is truly unique and borderless. Coming together in New York City, our music is in essence "melting pot" music, where you bring what you are and make something special and newly American. Dahka Band's founding members include Eli Fola and Fathi Tabouche.


Tuesday, July 29 at 9:30 PM


Noura Mint Seymali is a nationally beloved star and one of Mauritania's foremost musical emissaries. Having begun her career at age 13 as a supporting vocalist with her legendary step-mother Dimi Mint Abba, Noura was reared in a transitive culture where sounds from across the Sahara, the Magreb, and West Africa coalesce in the dynamic language of the Moorish griot. Fueled by the exploratory sound of her husband Jeiche Ould Chighaly's distortion-tinged psych guitar lines and backed by a declarative, funk-driven rhythm section - Ousmane Touré (Bass) & Matthew Tinari (drums), the band has made a formidable debut on the international stage. Performing at events like globalFEST (USA), Festival-au-Desert (Mali), Hayy Festival (Egypt), and Festival Timitar (Morocco) and collaborating with artists like Tinariwen, Bassekou Kouyaté, and Baaba Maal, Noura is actively exposing Mauritanian roots music to the world. In a rare merger of cultural authority and experimental prowess, Noura applies the ancient musical traditions of the griot with a savvy aesthetic engagement in our contemporary moment, emerging as a powerful voice at nexus of a changing Africa. This tour is supported in part by the globalFEST Touring Fund.


Saturday, August 2 at 12 Midnight

Saturday, August 23 at 11:30 PM

$18 adv / $23 door

Described by Billboard as a "visionary composer and producer," Karsh Kale is one of global music's brightest stars. In the past 12 years as a solo recording artist, producer, composer, performer and DJ, Kale has set the world of electronic fusion on fire and has helped to create a genre of new music and culture that continues to influence an entire generation. Fans and critics claim Kale as a pioneer and a trail blazer, not only opening doors for his own career but for an entire scene to emerge in the world of electronica and fusion music. Kale has also developed a reputation as a genre bending collaborator and a world renowned tabla player and musician, exploring the worlds of electronica, Indian classical music, rock, jazz fusion and hip hop which has led him to work with some of the most renowned artists from around the globe. Kale continues to reinvent his ever-evolving sound and has established himself as one of the world's most sought after fusion artists.

Tuesday, August 5 at 9:30 PM

Acardenchados take their name from the Mexican Cardenche style of popular music, which is created through the spontaneous interpretation of three or four voices. This improvisational yet traditional vocal ensemble joins together in exploring creative boundaries of singing in the Cardenche and Pirekua - the syncretism of religious music chants from the Spanish evangelizers and with Indian Mexican music - ways. Tareke Ortiz, Leo Soqui, Juan Pablo Villa and Juan Manuel Torreblanca are four of the most respected exponents of music in Mexico. Acardenchados exposes us to extended vocal techniques in the most fascinating and energizing ways. Celebrate Mexico Now is New York City's annual festival of contemporary Mexican art, culture and ideas.


Thursday, August 7 at 9:30 PM


After arriving in New York City for college with 30 dollars in his pocket, Osekre hasn't looked back. Osekre's vibe is an unusual combination of lyricism, wit, insight and flow delivered with sweet melodic African hooks. Osekre's music is unique in that while you might catch yourself singing to a delightful African tune at his gig, you won't be completely lost in the layers of instrumentation that serve to remind every audience that New York has worn on him. Osekre, protege of Kiki Djan formerly of Osibisa fame, has unlocked a global sound that has a unique local sound regardless of place and space. He performs with his band The Lucky Bastards.

Gone Quite Mad is a Brooklyn gypsy blues band. Their music moves; it waits, it baits. It's familial yet foreign, jaded then smooth, it grooves when you need it to. It's new and old and cold and gold like the medal you wear after listening. It's best served live, on the special plates, that are only used during holidays.


Thursday, August 21 at 7:30 PM


As a Bolivian-American artist trained in the opera and theater world, Gian-Carla Tisera's subversive musical prowess is the result of two worlds colliding, creating a groundbreaking and dynamic fusion of Opera, Bolivian folk music and Latin jazz. 'Son Montuno' embraces operatic Verdi melodies, Bolivian, original and Latin American songs explode with symphonic passion and spoken word is embraced in a fury of sounds and textures. Gian-Carla's debut album Nora la Bella is a ravishing musical feat where she is joined by twice Grammy Award-nominated Elio Villafranca as her co-producer and by some of the best talent in the Latin jazz industry. The album will be released September 2014.

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