Imaginary People Bring Their Dance Americana on a Spy Adventure

Imaginary People Bring Their Dance Americana on a Spy Adventure

"Imaginary People's lead vocalist, Dylan Von Wagner, has the kind of voice you don't hear much anymore: there's a vibrato to it, and an occasional yelp, and a good-natured snarl, all of which might put the listener in mind of Elvis or Jerry Lee Lewis." -Interview Magazine

"Sounding like Eddie Veddar and Tiny Tim Harmonizing in a meat cooler, Dylan Von Wagner's shivering warble grabs you straightaway." -Rolling Stone

"Von Wagner is a commanding presence, expressive and elegantly bombastic" -Pitchfork

" much of a throwback as it is a dance party-starter." -Nylon

James Bond is sent on a spy mission to an abandoned prison camp and ends up at a one-man Burning Man. Sweaty, frenetic, and wonderfully weird, Imaginary People's video for "Fever Nation" fits perfectly with the tracks instructions to "dance, dance, dance." (YouTube link HERE to watch and post)

Coming off a single themed on espionage and their critically acclaimed debut EP, New York-based Imaginary People are pleased to announce their upcoming limited edition Fever Nation Single 7" available now on Five Five Diamonds. Singer Dylan Von Wagner explains, "in the light of the global political comedy of east verses west that still exists even with the fall of communism, I found fever nation to be a nice comical take on the modern cold war picture."

Imaginary People formed as a collective of individuals coming from differing backgrounds and assembled in 2013 by core members Dylan Von Wagner[vocals], Mark Roth[guitar], Justin Repasky[keys], Joe Zdaa[drums], and supplemented in the studio and live by Grant Zubritsky [bass]. Recorded with Matt Boynton[MGMT, Kurt Vile] and Kevin McMahon [Swans, Titus Andronicus, Real Estate], Imaginary People found the best path to their sound was to bang it out live in a room and to keep things as raw as possible. Complimenting themselves with synth and strings, they round out their newest tracks with a bit of the classic wall of sound and some kinetic big beats.