Highline Ballroom Announces Their Upcoming Shows

Highline Ballroom Announces Their Upcoming Shows

Highline Ballroom is located at 431 West 16th Street between 9th Avenue and 10th Avenue.

Tickets may be purchased through Ticketweb, online at ticketweb.com or at the Highline Box Office from noon until doors close at 866-468-7619.

We are a full-scale restaurant. We also have a full bar with all premier liquors and domestic and international cold beer, and we serve a full menu at all of our concerts. A $10 food and/or beverage minimum is standard for table seating during shows.

Unless otherwise noted, all shows are suitable for all ages and offer general admission seating. Seating for all shows is first come, first seated; we do not take advance table reservations, except where noted as a condition of a VIP ticket. We cannot seat incomplete parties. Standing room for all shows is available at our bar.

For further show information, directions to the venue and for the latest updates visit us on the web at www.highlineballroom.com or call 212-414-4314.

All events are subject to change.


· FRANCIS DUNNERY BAND - Tuesday, March 1 - SHOW @ 7:45PM

UPCOMING SHOWS - February 21 - February 27

EVERY SATURDAY LATE NIGHT at The Highline Ballroom:
The Rewind Show
with live performances and celebrity DJs
21 or over to enter
Doors at 10:30pm, Show at 11:00pm
$20 at door
RSVP to info@4kent.com
The Rewind Show is a vision we have had for as long as we have been in the business of night clubs and event planning. We are tired of the same concept that every night-club in NYC has been stuck with over the years and think that it's time to change the way to party! As we all know nothing can compare to a live performance and therefore we have created the Rewind Show! We want to bring an experience like no other by combining the live music of the 80's Rock & Roll era along with the best DJ's spinning the present hits. Every Saturday night, the Highline Ballroom will operate as a high-end night club to let people experience the Rewind Show. (http://therewindshow.com/)

Monday, February 21
Doors at 6:00pm, Show at 8:00pm
$14 adv, $16 at doors
Some artists name an album after themselves because they're stumped for another title. Brendan James grins at this suggestion. "As a fellow musician, I definitely get that," he says, "but I actually had a good reason to do it. The album is self-titled because I feel like it's my first recording that really showcases the different sides of me as a musician. It's got everything from the mellow to the upbeat, to the somber to the unashamedly positive. My friends know me as the guy who loves to jump in the middle of a pick-up basketball game, but they also know me as the guy who needs to be reminded to stop spiraling when I start thinking about something too deeply. I have a lot of different sides and I wanted to make sure my music reflected that." A singer-songwriter who accompanies himself on piano, James began writing the songs on his second album after winding up a year and a half on the road in support of his debut album The Day is Brave, which was released by Decca Records in June 2008 and debuted in the Top 10 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart. Several of its songs were featured on various television shows including Private Practice, Bones, So You Think You Can Dance, and Army Wives. After releasing the album, James hit the ground running to support it from coast to coast. "I went to 40 states, ate at 330 restaurants, stayed in 210 hotels, and slept on one boat - John Mayer's Mayercraft Cruise; I know because I wrote it all down," James says with a laugh. The 18-month tour enabled James (whom Entertainment Weekly has called "a songwriter on the rise") to build his fanbase the way many successful musicians have done before him: one room at a time, and he shares the fruits of that journey - renewed vigor, musical maturity, and even a new sound - on his second album.

Tuesday, February 22
with Parachute, Miggs
Doors at 6:00pm, Show at 7:30pm
In some of the most quantifiable ways, the Plain White T's count as a veteran outfit. After all, the band formed in the late '90s, when cofounder Tom Higgenson was still in high school, and the T's had several independent releases already to their credit even before "Hey There Delilah" became an international sensation and cultural touchstone in 2007. But as far as the Plain White T's are concerned, they're just entering their sense-of-wonder years. The need to hold onto or reclaim the marvels of youth is a determined thread running through the band's third Hollywood Records release, Wonders of the Younger. Even the love songs that don't directly deal with the ostensible theme of mentally dialing back the aging process have references to nostalgia, childhood lost, or innocence regained. That sense of adventure translated to the stylistic side, too. Any fans who go looking for the hard-rocking pop-punk the group originally became known for as a Warped Tour favorite, or the acoustically based love songs that newcomers came to expect after "Delilah" and "1,2,3,4," will find something to their liking here. But Wonders... represents a drastically richer sonic experience than anything the T's went for on any of their five prior releases. Trying to coast by on the sound that had gotten them tagged as emo way back in the day-correctly or otherwise-could only have culminated, on a project this thematically ambitious, in a sense of blunder. The leap forward they've made in writing, arrangements, and production on the new album might be compared with the kind of step up that fellow Warped alumnus My Chemical Romance made with The Black Parade. Ironically, on an album that in some ways is deeply concerned with resisting the wiles of "maturation," the band's sound has grown exponentially more sophisticated.

Thursday, February 24
The Jolly Boys
At Hiro Ballroom
Doors at 9:00pm, Show at 10:00pm
For nearly sixty years, the Jolly Boys have been integral to the fabric of Port Antonio's musical landscape and cultural heritage. Masters of mento, one of Jamaica's original musics, this band has rocked innumerable private soirées, charmed the traveling elite and toured the world, leaving an indelible mark on everyone who has heard them. Their new album, Great Expectation, introduces a new sound and direction, making them more unforgettable than they have ever been.

The Jolly Boys quickly rose to local prominence in the 1950s as the house band for the Rat Pack's Jamaica chapter, chaired by the swashbuckling enfant terrible, Errol Flynn. Singing songs of double entendre and ribaldry to those in search of escape and excess, the group served as Port Antonio's go-to band for thirty years. Being "discovered" by a new generation of world music aficionados in the late 1980s meant that the Jolly Boys could take their musical party on the road. Several album, dozens of countries and thirty years since, the Jolly Boys have become the most recognizable mento band in the world.

Now, the Jolly Boys are back, reinvigorated with a revolutionary new sound. In early 2009, Jon Baker, founder of Gee Street Records and one-time leader of the A&R team at Island Records in NYC, held a recording session at Geejam studios to capture some of the Jolly Boys vintage material. He was looking for the rebel mento-the punk rock of its day-where singers sang frankly about sex and wrote biting commentary about relevant social issues. The Jolly Boys delivered, but it led to a fresh creative idea: why not dip into the rock repertory, take the songs that resonate with mento's raucous history and give them a different vibe? Baker, together with his long term friend and creative partner Mark Jones from Wall of Sound, worked together and chose tracks from artists like the Clash, the Stooges, the Stranglers and Amy Winehouse. They fit the mento vibe so naturally that work on the new project began immediately.

Over the next several months, the group worked tirelessly with Dale Virgo, Baker's co-producer, on a set of innovative arrangements and modern beats to complement and contemporize an older sound defined by banjos, maracas and rumba boxes. To bridge the narrows between the two styles, Baker brought in mento scholar and banjo driver Daniel Neely as the project's music director. In addition, Jamaican saxophone legend Cedric Brooks added both his unique musical insight and his horn to the project. The entire endeavor was documented by filmmaker and director Rick Elgood (One Love, Dancehall Queen, Westway to the World), whose docudrama about the Jolly Boys past, present and future is currently in production. The result of these efforts is the Jolly Boys' new album, Great Expectation, the birth of modern mento.

The well-seasoned and ever energetic Jolly Boys thrash out this new mento sound with as much heart and flex as any contemporary performer. Lead singer Albert Minott's saturated vocals, natural retro chic stylings and limitless charisma convey an uncommon originality and musical creativity that is entirely his own. On tour this summer to promote the new album, Albert will be supported by a sensational group of foundational Jolly Boys and young Jamaican lions. It'll leave you excited and wanting more.

Great Expectation was recorded at Geejam Studios, a residential recording studio and hotel, in Port Antonio, Jamaica. The video for Rehab, featuring Albert Minott (with a cameo by Patrice Flynn, Errol's wife), was filmed at the Seaview Entertainment Centre, Limbo Lounge and Pat's Rum Bar in Port Antonio by Rick Elgood.
The Jolly Boys are :

The Foundation Group:
Albert Minott : vocals, guitar
Joseph ‘Powder' Bennett : backing vocals, maracas and ‘vibes'
Derrick ‘Johnny' Henry : marumba box and backing vocals
Allan Swymmer : percussion
Egbert Watson : banjo

The New Blood: Donald Waugh : banjo
Lenford "Brutus" Richards : guitar
Dale Virgo : percussion

Friday, February 25 (Early)
Gregory Alan Isakov, The Paper Raincoat, Paul Dempsey
Doors at 6:00pm, Show at 7:00pm
$12 adv, $15 at doors
"Born in South Africa and raised in Philadelphia, Gregory Alan Isakov makes quietly lush, deeply vibrant music more rooted in the starry night sky-like the one on the cover of his latest LP-than any terrestrial locale."
-Paste Magazine

Friday, February 25 (Late)
BLOWOFF Featuring The DJ Sounds Of Bob Mould & Richard Morel
Doors at 11:30pm, Show at 11:30pm
$15 adv, $20 at doors
BOB MOULD and RICHARD MOREL's BLOWOFF is a DJ event that has become a premier destination for a wide cross-section of appreciative music fans. Originating in Washington, DC, BLOWOFF is an established event in DC, New York, San Francisco, Provincetown, Chicago, and San Diego. Maintaining the musical emphasis of the BLOWOFF parties, Mould and Morel DJ in tandem, laying down a signature mix of indie rock, electro and house, accented by a series of artfully eye-popping vignettes projected throughout the club.

Originally a musical collaboration between Washington, DC-based singer-songwriters Bob Mould-formerly of alt rock bands Hüsker Dü and Sugar-and electronic producer/artist Richard Morel, BLOWOFF began in 2003 at DC's Velvet Lounge. The DC party moved to the legendary 9:30 Club in July 2003, and within a few years became the preeminent DJ event on the east coast. With the focus firmly placed on cutting edge music, dazzling live visuals by Nick Lopata, and stunning poster art by Baltimore-based artist Linas Garsys, the BLOWOFF audiences grew exponentially.

The BLOWOFF artist CD was released in 2006 on Full Frequency Music. Live performances to promote the album included headline sets at Homo A Go Go (Olympia, WA) and the 2006 Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.

BLOWOFF is now a regular bi-coastal event. 2007 saw the highly successful launch of BLOWOFF New York, with BLOWOFF San Francisco, Brooklyn and Provincetown following in 2008. The BLOWOFF Chicago events held at Metro during International Mr. Leather and Bear Pride Weekend in 2009 and 2010 were the highlights of both events.

Richard Morel is known for his remixes under the name Pink Noise, including the Killers, Yoko Ono, and Pet Shop Boys. In addition, Morel co-wrote and co-produced three songs on Cyndi Lauper's "Bring Ya To The Bring" album and released his third solo album as Morel, "The Death Of The Paper Boy," in 2008.

Bob Mould, founding member of the seminal punk band Husker Du and alt-rock favorite Sugar, released his ninth solo album, "Life And Times" (Anti- Records), on April 7, 2010. Mould's yet-to-be-titled autobiography, with assistance from Michael Azerrad, will be published by Little, Brown in spring 2011.

For more on BLOWOFF, including the most current party schedule, flyers and DJ playlists, please visit the BLOWOFF website. Hear some Blowoff music, see slideshows of BLOWOFF men and the iconic party flyers and more on the MYSPACE page. Fans are encouraged to join the booming BLOWOFF GROUP ON FACEBOOK.

Saturday, February 26
Doors and show at 11:30pm
$15 adv, $20 at doors
** 18 + **
Seminal cello-driven trio Rasputina presents their seventh album, 'Sister Kinderhook'. Rasputina directress, Melora Creager recorded it whilst pregnant in the Hudson Valley just last summer. She and Brian Kehew (Moog Cookbook, Fiona Apple, Air) mixed it in Los Angeles with a newborn in the studio. This album finds Melora expressing a thematic fantasy of Colonial Federalism. Subject-wise, she also touches on feral children (Snow-Hen of Austerlitz), the Anti-rent Wars of 1844 (Calico Indians), and Early American portraiture (The 2 Miss Leavens), not to mention the theory that giants were indeed real, but killed each other off in a self-genocidal holocaust (A Holocaust of Giants). Sister Kinderhook is a return to Rasputina's early, more organic sound. Melora produced and engineered the thing at her homestead in the country. Hudson, NY is home to many fabulous female artists that gained notoriety in the 1990's, including Melora, Melissa Auf Der Maur and M'Shell N'Degeocello.

Sunday, February 27
Best of Season Show
Doors at 11:00am, Show at 11:30am
With more than a decade of successful experience teaching music, School of Rock is the national leader in music education for kids from age 7 to 18. Students learn from professional musicians in an interactive environment combining weekly private lessons and structured group rehearsals with the ultimate goal of performing live in front of real crowds.


*Every Saturday night - The Rewind Show*

8 - Slaughterhouse
9 - Hellogoodbye
11 - CatWalk Tragedy - Alternative Model Competition & Designer Showcase
12 - Tea Leaf Green
13 - Lizz Wright (Reschedule from October 5th - all tix will be honored)
14- Amor Y Tango - A Valentine's Tango Show
15 - John Forté
16 - The Church
18 - Yann Tiersen (unplugged) with Orchestra with Shannon Wright
19 - Yann Tiersen (regular band) with Breathe Owl Breathe
20 - Dan Bern with Common Rotation
21 - Brendan James & Matt White
22 - Plain White T's
24 - Gregory Alan Isakov, The Paper Raincoat, Paul Dempsey
25 - BLOWOFF Featuring The DJ Sounds of Bob Mould & Richard Morel
25 - Gregory Alan Isakov
26 - Rasputina, Voltaire
27 - School of Rock Best of Season Show

1 - Francis Dunnery Band Featuring David Sancious, Tony Beard, and Jamie Bishop
2 - Anthony David
3 - Melissa Auf der Maur
4 - Super Diamond
5 - Pogo
8 - Yelawolf
9 - The Band Perry
10 - Mac Miller
11 - Los Amigos Invisibles
12 - Joe Hurley's 12th Annual All-Star Irish Rock Revue
16 - A Rocket to the Moon - Valencia, Ann Arbor, Runner Runner, Go Radio
17- Karla Bonoff
18 - PUi
21 - Lunasa
22 - Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata
23 - Devotchka
24 - Devotchka
26 - Over The Rhine
27 - Naturally 7
28 - Ron Sexsmith
30 - Civil Twilight
31 - The Residents

2 - Peter Murphy of Bauhaus
8 - Kina Grannis (E)
8 - BLOWOFF Featuring the DJ Sounds of Bob Mould & Richard Morel
9 - Kina Grannis (E)
15 - Dana Fuchs
16 - Dirty Martini & The New Burlesque
20 - Easy Star All Stars
29 - Pinback
30 - David Weinstone's Music for Aardvarks
30 - Garland Jeffreys & the Coney Island Playboys CD Release Show

5 - Ari Hest
6 - Night of a Thousand Stevies 21: "The Wild Heart"
8 - The Reverend Horton Heat
10 - From Monty Python + The Rutles: Neil Innes

2 - Jeffrey Gaines
24 - Blowoff Featuring The DJ Sounds of Bob Mould & Richard Morel