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Forgetter Announces New Album PARTS OF ANYTHING Out 8/2

Forgetter Announces New Album PARTS OF ANYTHING Out 8/2

On August 2 Forgetter, the project of multi-instrumentalist David Klinger, will release Parts Of Anything via Blight Records (pre-order). This week We All Want Someone To Shout For premiered teh album's first single "Maple Seeds." We All Want Someone To Shout For says, "The track has a fragile heartbreaking nature at its start but soon transports the listener to a more psychedelic soundscape with more experimental worlds clashing with its heartbreaking folk nature." David Klinger adds, "'Maple Seeds' is basically a breakup song. I think there are often peaceful moments of accepting a situation you don't want to be in, surrounded by the desperation of trying to change what you can't. Like you might be at a point where you can enjoy a few small things, but that doesn't mean it's smooth sailing from here on out, or that it's only gonna get better. Although it will eventually. I mean, probably. Or what do I know - I can't promise anything except that I'm rooting for you."Forgetter has a hometown single release show on June 21 at The Pie Shop in Washington, D.C. More info can be found HERE.

The process of making Parts of Anything started in 2012 while David was playing in the now-defunct but beloved DC band Frau Eva (mems. of Br'er, Pree, Delune de Luge, Bruisey Peets), After the dramatic collapse of Frau Eva, he originally intended for a core set of songs to come out quickly as an EP, but ended up digging in for years at his home, DC-house venue and creative space the Beehive, as well as a handful of other small recording studios, working on what would become Parts of Anything.

David claims to have an exceptionally bad memory. "I don't think it's healthy to hold onto memories, he says, "It can be nice for a while, but after a point, I think they get home sick. They're from a different time; they don't belong here with you. Sure, it's nice to keep them for a while, but after a while you should send them on their way. And if you can't, just tell them to me and I'll forget them for you. I'm uniquely blessed with that ability." Despite espousing the benefits of forgetting, his songs seem to cling to the past, through confessional lyrics and themes of nostalgia and heartbreak. Even the album artwork for his upcoming full length album, depicts a box of what appear to be souvenirs.

The record is eclectic, but Klinger's piano and voice pull the songs together. Bits of inspiration from artists like Elliot Smith, Radiohead, and Rufus Wainwright create a musically rich palette for the lengthy record (17 tracks total).

photo by Jen Miller

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