City Silos Announce HAPPY THOUGHTS Album and Release GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT

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City Silos Announce HAPPY THOUGHTS Album and Release GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT

Nashville-based husband-wife alternative rock duo CITY SILOS have arrived with "Give It To Me Straight" (released July 8), the lead single from their forthcoming Happy Thoughts album, out Friday, August 30. "Give It To Me Straight" possesses a ceiling-climbing swing with gritty instruments and a crushing vocal performance. Glide Magazine raved, "CITY SILOS rock out with arena-ready synth pop on 'Give It To Me Straight.'"

"'Give It To Me Straight' is a song about wanting to move on from a situation but you're stuck in limbo because you can't get an answer or the resolution that you need," says CITY SILOS. "Sometimes it's better to just get the answer straight up instead of being dragged around."

Listen to "Give It To Me Straight" on your favorite service here.

Musicians make unimaginable sacrifices for their art, and Nashville's alternative rock duo, CITY SILOS, is no stranger to it. Chris and Kristen Butler worked tirelessly for the last four years, wandering through day jobs and late-night songwriting sessions, sleeping in a van and living on the road, to emerge with a statement-making debut record. Happy Thoughts-recorded at Nashville's The Hilson Studio and produced by Sean Power (Michelle Wright, and Josh Hampson)-is a mighty demonstration of pain and resilience. Their words are laced with vulnerable, yet dangerously evocative, confessions about many of life's darkest and most brutal cycles.

Throughout the new album, firework moments like the venom-spitting "Just Like Her", "Let You Go," and title track "Happy Thoughts," combine melodic rock guitars and synth bass, with a dance groove akin to 80's pop. They wind their way savagely through blues pop-inflected guitar riffs that stick on the brain and jolt the system alive, guitars crashing into one another and the drum kit setting the whole show on fire.

Over 10 songs, CITY SILOS-a name sparked from long nights, high mileage and a caffeine drip -addresses human emotions with terrifying clarity. "Each song is about an internal struggle, or conflict of ideas and feelings, that we all go through or have to deal with at some point in our lives," states Kristen. Chris adds, "We draw influences from a lot of places and that molds us into who we are and makes our music unique."

CITY SILOS' combined influences run from Paramore, Aretha Franklin, and Sara Bareilles to Jimi Hendrix and ZZ Top. Each mine the work of such greats to further enrich their own songcraft, delicately walking the balance between the past and the present, and pushing the envelope further.

Track listing for Happy Thoughts:


"Give It To Me Straight"

"Don't Belong"

"Let You Go"

"Seven Years Old"

"Just Like Her"

"Happy Thoughts"

"Too Bad"

"One More Song"


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