Chimney Drops 'Copicat'; Dress Him Up On New App Launched Today

Chimney Drops 'Copicat'; Dress Him Up On New App Launched Today

Chimney Drops 'Copicat'; Dress Him Up On New App Launched Today

Producer and musician Dan Molad aka CHIMNEY has announced his debut self-titled LP, out June 23 on Dine Alone Records. The long-time drummer/producer for Lucius and producer for Pavo Pavo, San Fermin, Luke Temple, JD McPherson, Here We Go Magic, and many more, also co-wrote two songs for the Lucius-scored forthcoming film Band Aid starring Adam Pally, Zoe Lister-Jones, and Fred Armisen. This self recorded and produced breakout solo effort highlights his penchant for sonically adventurous melodies and harmonically complex layers, combined with a stark pop sensibility.

Inspired by an old Copicat brand tape echo found unused in a friend's studio space, "Copicat" started as an playful and at times nonsensical composition on an experimental evening and transformed into an ode to the art of recording. CHIMNEY debuted new album cut "Copicat" and discussed the new album with Impose Magazine today.

A prolific, creative mind with a cheeky sense of humor, Molad is thrilled to launch his new app set to the newly released album track "Copicat". Seeing it as an extension of the theme of the record... vulnerability, he shares, "When you open up the vinyl packaging, you undress me and then pull out my insides (the LP). "Copicat" is the most upbeat song on the record with the most humor in, it seemed appropriate and fun to pair it with this."

Stream "Copicat" HERE and check out the app HERE.

Throughout Lucius' success, Molad found himself in a period of transition: moving from New York to L.A., dealing with relationship strife and the death of longtime friend, Parks And Recreation writer Harris Wittels. As a result, there's something that's both painful and cathartic about Molad's self-titled debut. Songs like "Little One" let Molad's vulnerable yet deliberate vocals shine through while "The More You're Holding (The More You've Got)" and "#31" are haunting, enigmatic earworms that speak to wanting to hold onto a relationship for dear life. The songs have a cohesive darkness to them and their meaning spills out like a stream of consciousness. It's something that speaks to Molad's candor and approach: "You don't always intend for the theme that emerges -- it just kind of reveals itself."

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