Baltimore Band ...soihadto... to Release Self-Titled Album, Jan 8

Baltimore Band ...soihadto... to Release Self-Titled Album, Jan 8

Baltimore band ...soihadto... has announced the release of their newest full-length self-titled LP, to be released January 8, 2013 on PFC Records. This is the first album since 2010's Adventure Stories (Not Based On Fact). ...soihadto... self-produced the record and will be supporting it throughout 2013. See below for track listing.

The ...soihadto... story began some time ago in Baltimore, Maryland. By combining a variety of influences from indie to punk to hardcore to soul-funk and an incomparable melodic approach, the sound of ...soihadto... is as varied and unique as their rapidly growing fan-base.

...soihadto...'s upcoming self-titled full-length, is one of the band's most uncompromising and ambitious releases, embodying the classic and utterly unique ...soihadto... sound and pushing it into regions the band has never before explored. One big reason for that spirit of musical adventure is the record is essentially self-released (through the pfc records label). "We just felt completely free to do whatever we wanted to do," says guitarist / vocalist Rahn Drewen. "It was really fun to make this record because we just felt this...freedom."

Freedom can also arise from limitation, something Rahn knows well-as ever, he insisted on having few overdubs and edits on the album. "This album is human and honest," he declares. "People have always commented that we sound like our albums live, and our recording approach has a lot to do with that. Humans playing music will always be better than a synchronized computer perfected product."

Besides Rahn the humans include drummer Robin Eckman, guitarist / vocalist John Smith and bassist Paul Rudolf.

Track Listing:

01. Cult Of Osiris
02. Transmigration Revivification
03. Salesman Of Salvation
04. Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso
05. While The Children Are Gone
06. What's The Definition?
07. Beware The Coalition
08. 10am
09. Chuck
10. Cauterize
11. Blueberry Headband
12. S.O.S (Desolate Mix)

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