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What do Top Chefs Like to Eat Most?

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Broadwayworld Food and Wine has enjoyed interviewing chefs for our Chef Spotlight feature. One of our favorite questions is "What is your favorite meal or meals?" Here are some of the responses. Find out what gourmands are eating when they aren't cooking. Stay tuned to Food and Wine for more of our top chefs' answers to this fun question.

Executive Chef Stanley Wong of THE SUNDOWNER YACHT CLUB in Tulum, Mexico: I love Japanese food for its simplicity and meal structure and Thai food for the balance in flavours and for the use of spices.

Executive Chef Adrienne Guttieri of TRADEMARK TASTE + GRIND in Midtown: Depends on the time and place, if I'm here the rest of the staff will tell you, Double Patty, if I'm home and it's Sunday, Chicken Parm & Spaghetti Pomodoro from my favorite neighborhood Italian is my guilty pleasure. If I'm out with friends, I usually go with a Steak.

Vincenzo Garofalo of SENSO UNICO in Sunnyside, Queens NY: One of my favorites is sushi, I love raw fish. However, I can't live without pasta and bread.

Executive Chef Walter Donadio of LOKAL Eatery & Bar in Jersey City: Depends on the day, but grandma's gnocchi would have to be the one.

James Wayman - Executive Chef and Partner, 85th DAY FOOD COMMUNITY in Mystic, Connecticut: My favorite meals are cooked at home with loved ones or friends, preferably over a wood fire with ingredients that I have grown, caught or foraged. A recent favorite was Green Bonita quickly grilled over woodfire, foraged maitake, grilled corn, honey nut squash and a sauce of charred peppers and anchovy.

Executive Chef Todd Matthews of CLEO at Mondrian Park Avenue: Crawfish stuffed hushpuppies, braised collard greens with smoked ham hock, with a side of cornbread. And of course, Dominos pizza.

Executive Chef AJ Capella of JOCKEY HOLLOW Bar & Kitchen in Morristown, NJ: One of my favorite meals is short ribs and pork shanks braised in tomato sauce served with pasta. It's something my mom would make on Sundays when I was a kid.

Chef Danny Mena of LA LONCHERIA and Author of "Made in Mexico": I love a great Carnitas feast, where they have avocado, chiles, onions, a heaping plate of pork, and then served with pork cracklings, and a spicy green salsa. Nothing much better than that really!

Executive Sous Chef Dheeraj Tomar of JUNOON in the Flatiron - The Michelin Starred Indian Restaurant in the Flatiron: My go to meal or favorite meal is "Daal chawal". It is extremely simple yet packed with flavor- daal means lentils so we boil the lentils (chana,masoor, toor urad lentils) and season them with cumin, ginger, garlic, green chili, tomato, ghee, turmeric, and mix it with boiled basmati rice.

Orly Gottesman of MODERN BREAD AND BAGEL and ARBA Gluten-Free Restaurant on the Upper West Side: My favorite food is eggplant parmesan (I especially like it when it has lots of breading). My favorite dessert is a molten chocolate cake.

Denevin Miranda - Chef de Cuisine of 1 HOTEL BROOKLYN BRIDGE: My favorite meals are the ones that are cathartic and bring you back to a time or place. One that comes to mind is a meal I had in a humble trattoria outside of Positano, Italy on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. They had the freshest seafood brought to their private dock by local fisherman and grew their own vegetables in a small patch of land by the rocky side of the cliff. The food was simple but you could tell immense care and love went into the preparation. Even though the dishes were completely different it still brought me back to eating sweet sun ripened tomatoes from my grandma's garden with delicately pan fried fish.

Executive Chef Philip Sireci of FINE & RARE in NYC: It's a very close call between pizza and sushi! Sushi of Gari on the Upper East Side is my favorite sushi spot. As for pizza, I like the greasiest New York pizza I can get my hands on!

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