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Uber Stone Crab Launches For Florida Stone Crab Season; The Mailorder Service Distributes Quality Claws at Wholesale Prices

Uber Stone Crabs, a mail order stone crab distributor based in Miami announced today that it will distribute sustainably harvested claws at wholesale prices on October 15, 2013. The company's 24-hour shipping guarantee and proprietary packaging method ensures freshness throughout transport from the Florida Keys to your doorstep.

Miami-based founders Jamil Bouchareb and Richard Rinella created Uber Stone Crabs to address need in the U.S. and Canada for high quality stone crab claws at affordable prices. The business also maintains a company-wide commitment to the environment and sustainable stone crab harvesting practices: a mandate that has been adopted by Uber Stone Crab's entire supply chain, including crabbers at the source. This approach ensures that the crabs were treated in accordance with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

"Today's consumer cares deeply about the origins of the food they consume and crave the knowledge that harvesting was completed responsibly," said Jamil Bouchareb, founder and COO of Uber Stone Crabs. "We took out the middleman to distribute direct to the customer. This allows us to focus strongly on the crabbers, a relationship we've built as a means to monitor harvesting standards. At Uber Stone crab, we respect the environment, taste, and consumer experience and won't compromise on quality."

When launching Uber Stone Crabs, customer comfort was top priority which factored into everything down to the website, The site is the central repository for order placement, facts about crustaceans, and useful recipes. At-home chefs, restaurant professionals, and caterers alike no longer need to waste time searching for precious inventory in stores. The availability of inventory is as reliable as the temperature controlled boxes which deliver desired stone crab claws within 24 hours of online ordering.

Though Florida is known for menus featuring Florida stone crabs, Uber Stone Crab's sustainable practices and low costs make it a category leader. "We believe the Uber Stone Crab product is as fresh as Joe's Stone Crabs in every way, however Uber Stone Crab's mail order claws also arrive faster and cheaper," said Jane Ruggerio, an Executive chef in the Seattle area.

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