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DASH Air Fryers for Healthier Eating in the New Year with Countertop Convenience

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DASH Air Fryers for Healthier Eating in the New Year with Countertop Convenience

Air Fryers have become a trendy option for cooking without using oils or heating up your oven. They are a great way to prepare healthy, delicious recipes easily. Dash by Storebound, a company well known for fine small appliances, has a selection of air fryers to fit all of your kitchen and food prep needs.

At Dash, they believe that the first step to a better life starts with cooking and eating real, wholesome foods. That is why they make products to help customers blend, prep, simmer, sauté, and cook to achieve better health.

Dash has two excellent air fryer models. Dash's 10L Compact Air Fryer Oven air fries, bakes, broils, warms and also toasts. Its AirCrisp® technology cooks with hot air for tasty and healthier fried food without using too much added oil or fat. The rotating basket automatically turns ingredients to ensure crispy, even results for your food. A baking pan and oven rack is included to cook mini-pizzas, bake pastries, and even broil tasty meat entreés. The unit delivers the features of a toaster oven with the power of air frying. The 10L Compact Air Fryer Oven also has a timer and auto-shutoff function to prevent overcooking. And the size is ideal for countertops. The attractive small appliance is a great option for apartment living and dorm rooms, especially when the use of a full kitchen may not be readily available.

The Dash Compact Air Fryer comes in a variety of colors to coordinate with your home decor. You can enjoy your very favorite fried foods without any of the guilt. AirCrisp™ technology rapidly circulates air to cook ingredients keeping the signature crispy quality of fried foods, while eliminating the need for oil. Air frying reduces added fat by 70-80% without sacrificing flavor. Simply plug in the Dash Compact Air Fryer, set the desired time and temperature, and you're ready to air fry. The neat design of the Dash Compact Air Fryer fits on your countertop while offering an ample 1.2L capacity. The dishwasher safe parts make your Dash Compact Air Fryer especially easy to clean.

DASH Air Fryers for Healthier Eating in the New Year with Countertop ConvenienceCheck out just a few of the delightful recipes that you can easily prepare with a Dash's Air Fryer units.

Crispiest Air Fried Potatoes can be made in the 10L Compact Air Fryer Oven using less oil than conventional fried potatoes


-1 lb red potatoes, chopped

-2 tsps olive oil

-1 tsp garlic powder

-1 tsp Italian seasoning

-½ tsp salt

Method: Toss red potatoes in olive oil and spices. Place in the Rotating Basket and Air Fry in the Dash 10L Compact Air Fryer at 400°F for 20 minutes.

Easy Donuts can be made in the Dash Compact Air Fryer as a tasty, better for you donut treat


-1 can of biscuit dough

-4 tbsp butter, melted

-1/3 cups granulated sugar

-1/2 tsp cinnamon

-4 tbsp dark brown sugar

1/2 tsp sea or kosher salt

Method: These donuts take only 5 minutes in your air fryer. Combine sugar, cinnamon, brown sugar and salt in a bowl and set aside. Preheat Air Fryer to 320 degrees, Remove the dough from the can but do not flatten and use a 1 inch ring cutter to cut a hole in the center of each biscuit. Arrange three pieces of dough in the basket at a time and air fry for 5 minutes. As each round of donuts comes out, use a pastry brush to paint butter on the entire surface of each donut. Coat each buttered donut in the sugar mix. Shake off excess and serve warm.

Try these and other recipes provided with your Air Fryers and on the Dash web site.

Dash has other products that include their Dash Rapid Cold Brew System, Dash Greek Yogurt Maker, Dash Mini-Maker Grill, Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, Dash Deluxe Ice Cream Maker and many more fine products.

For more information, please visit the company web site at

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dash

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