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COCKTAIL CHAMELEON Author Mark Addison is Shaking Things Up for the Holidays with Book Tour

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COCKTAIL CHAMELEON Author Mark Addison is Shaking Things Up for the Holidays with Book Tour

Editor's Note: had the pleasure of attending Mark Addison's NYC book tour event at Christolfe on Madison Avenue where we were treated to wonderful cocktails, saw gorgeous holiday table settings, and received a signed copy of Addison's "Cocktail Chameleon."

Entertaining expert Mark Addison, author of the "Best in the World" award-winning book Cocktail Chameleon, is coming to four more U.S. Christofle boutiques during the 2019 holiday season to host Mark's signature cocktail event series: "The Fine Art of Cocktails".

"Making cocktails can seem daunting to the uninitiated, especially when it's
referred to as 'mixology' ", says Mark. "And that's the main reason I decided to write Cocktail Chameleon. I want to demystify cocktails by providing an understanding of the classics and show how, with that basic foundation, everyone can join in the fun and excitement of creating their own ­signature drinks."

The tour will continue at Christofle boutiques located in Houston, Dallas, Washington DC and Los Angeles. During the two-hour events, Christofle and Mark Addison will host approximately 30 to 50 guests for an invitation-only cocktail party, where guests will learn:

-how to make (and taste) four guaranteed crowd-pleaser cocktails

-discover Mark's five must-have essentials for any party

-take away "blueprints" for a stress-free holiday party

-learn how to create a memorable holiday tablescape

Guests will also have the opportunity for Mark to personalized signed copies of COCKTAIL CHAMELEON, dubbed "THE Hostess Gift of the Season" by Hamptons socialite and luxury lifestyle guru Kelli Delaney.

The cocktail tasting is presented by Chopin Vodka and Amaro Montenegro and features four recipes adapted from COCKTAIL CHAMELEON specifically for the event series; Cranberry Sauce Punch, the Marktini, Mountain Mule and Cranberry Champagne Cocktail with homemade spiked cranberry and festive orange peels as garnishes.

Cranberry Sauce Punch

While the turkey is in the oven, offer a round or two of this elegant punch, the perfect herald of delicious things to come. Based on a jammy swirl of cranberries, spices and orange juice, it's reminiscent of everyone's favorite holiday condiment. Top it off with good Champagne and the gratitude will flow.

Mountain Mule

This variation on the popular Moscow Mule was dreamt up in the Green Mountains of Vermont and inspired by flavors from around the world. Mark Addison's homemade Vermont maple syrup adds a faintly smoky swirl of sweetness to the spicy Northern Italian amaro and vibrant Polish rye vodka for a cocktail with a worldly twist on the classic.


This signature martini is never out of place at a cocktail party. It's ideal to scale up for a pitcher and can even be made into a punch with the addition of Champagne. Use this recipe as a point of departure to come up with your own variation and name it after yourself.

Cranberry Champagne Cocktail

This cocktail makes a wonderful welcome at Thanksgiving and other holiday celebrations. Prepare it ahead and all that's required is to add chilled Champagne as your guests arrive. Create a tart infusion by soaking frozen cranberries in vodka and orange liqueur, then use the "drunken" cranberries as a garnish.

Event details:

Locations & Dates: 6 to 8 p.m.

-Houston, November 12

-Dallas, November 13

-Beverly Hills LA, November 14

-Washington DC, November 19

About Mark Addison | Cocktail Chameleon:

Mark Addison believes that life is a series of special occasions meant to be celebrated in high style. As an award-winning author, designer and producer, he has created extraordinary interiors and environments for private homes, celebrity events, major product launches international galas. His uniquely creative vision has earned him an impressive client list of celebrities, top consumer brands, and Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Addison's entertaining and design expertise, along with his dynamic personal style, have made him a sought-after authority. He has shared his ideas on design and home entertaining in more than 100 television appearances on national and regional TV shows as well as a regular contributor to print and on-line publications. Mr. Addison splits his time between New York City, Palm Beach, and Vermont. He is always energized by his shifting environment and inspired by the natural beauty of his surroundings. This brings a fresh perspective and contagious optimism to all his work, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

Mark Addison has spent a lifetime dreaming up elaborate events and other spectacles, often with a signature drink in the mix to help fuel the festivities. In Cocktail Chameleon, he provides 12 variations on 12 classic cocktails, starting with a lesson on the fundamentals of each drink (proportions, technique and ingredients) before sharing the secrets of his own recipes. Addison's ultimate goal: to inspire you to create your own unforgettable Signature Cocktails. Cheers! Addison's book is by Assouline Publishing | 7½ x 11 in - 19.5 x 28 cm | 240 pages | 144 illustrations | Cloth hardcover ISBN: 9781614286196 | $50. Visit:

COCKTAIL CHAMELEON Author Mark Addison is Shaking Things Up for the Holidays with Book Tour

About Christofle:

Anchored in the time-honored tradition of silversmithing, the Maison Christofle has been creating beautiful, useful objects since 1830, objects that perfectly reflect the French art of living and meet the needs of modern living with the utmost elegance.

Drawing on our incredible wealth of knowledge and our attentiveness to contemporary rituals and rhythms, we bring a touch of the extraordinary into people's lives, transforming the simplest occasion into a moment of shared pleasure.

The sparkle of silver, the elegant lines of our creations and the careful consideration given to their use result in a form of indulgence that redefines today's conviviality.

The clinking of cutlery during a festive dinner, the echoes of a party glimpsed in a mirror, an impromptu snack around the MOOD, a vase for displaying flowers from a loved-one, or a piece of jewelry chosen as a lucky charm... Christofle doesn't just add beauty. It creates an atmosphere that fosters interaction and conversation and strengthens bonds.

This is how we turn a shared moment into an opportunity to demonstrate that the art of living is the art of sharing. The objects we create nurture a sense of community by enabling us to express how we feel about each other and celebrate the ties that bind us. -

About Chopin Vodka

Chopin is a boutique, family-owned, craft distillery that produces artisanal spirits and liqueurs. It is widely regarded as the world's top vodka distillers, Chopin Vodka is distilled from local ingredients grown a pristine district of eastern Poland (100km east of Warsaw) and the entire distillation process - from growing, cooking, fermenting and distilling raw ingredients, to bottling - is carefully tended on the Dorda family property. Chopin Vodka was the first to debut ultra-luxury vodka in 1993 with its iconic bottles- a design that has since redefined the vodka sector. In addition to producing three single-ingredient vodkas - potato, rye and wheat - to showcase just how different vodkas can be, Chopin also offers a limited-edition line of SINGLE, once distilled spirits, and a duo of Dorda Liqueurs (Dorda Double Chocolate and Dorda Sea Salt Caramel). Naturally gluten-free, Chopin Vodka is the best-selling potato vodka in the U.S. and is the most awarded potato vodka in the world. -

About Amaro Montenegro

Amaro Montenegro, celebrated as the world's best liqueur*, was perfected in 1885 and features the essence of 40 botanicals from around the globe, collected during the travels of explorer and herbalist Stanislao Cobianchi. The signature complex taste is characterized by a pleasing blend of sweet and bitter notes. Traditionally served as a digestif, Amaro Montenegro has since become a favorite of bartenders and mixologists for its tremendous versatility in crafting inventive cocktails and adding a flavorful twist to classic drinks. What distinguishes Amaro Montenegro from other herbaceous liqueurs is its balanced bitter-sweet flavor, smooth texture and milder proof - making it the difference in the drink. A product of Bologna Italy, Amaro Montenegro's secret recipe remains unchanged as does the boiling, maceration and distillation process that was practiced more than 130 years ago. -

Photo Credit: Frederica Calet

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