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AMARO MONTENEGRO-A Fine Italian Liquor and Cocktail Recipes

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AMARO MONTENEGRO-A Fine Italian Liquor and Cocktail Recipes

Whether you're looking for the ideal liquor to mix delightful cocktails, an aperitif or digestif, Amaro Montenegro is the one item that is an essential for your bar. It's unique flavor profile with a refined balance and lower ABV makes it enjoyable neat, over ice, and as a base or modifier in your cocktails. The smooth taste, with its ideal balance between bitter and sweet with subtle floral notes, makes it the most beloved Amaro on the market.

Amaro Montenegro has a very interesting history that makes it truly one of a kind. Stanislao Cobianchi, who was a skilled herbalist, created it in Bologna, Italy in 1885. It is still made using its original recipe, a secret blend of 40 botanicals that Cobianchi had gathered from around the world. He named the it in honor of Princess Elena of Montenegro, who became the first queen of Italy, marrying Vittorio Emanuele, the Prince of Naples. The secret recipe remains unchanged as does the boiling, maceration and distillation process that was practiced more than 130 years ago.

Our readers will love the attractive bottling of Amaro Montenegro with its classic style that looks great on your bar, bar cart, or table. And the liquor is a beautiful amber-colored and bright liquid with delicate mahogany transparencies on the outer edges. While you are home enjoying good food and drink, it is a must-have Italian liquor.

Check out thee five recipes using Amaro Montenegro that can easily be prepared stirred. You'll find each of them to be refreshing to enjoy this summer.

AMARO MONTENEGRO-A Fine Italian Liquor and Cocktail Recipes

Monte & Lime


-3 ounces Amaro Montenegro

-1 ounce fresh lime juice

Method: Pour into tumbler filled with ice and garnish with a wedge of lime.

Monte & Tonic


-1 part Amaro Montenegro

-2 parts tonic

Method: Pour over ice and garnish with an orange peel.

The Monte Mule

-2 parts Amaro Montenegro

-3 parts ginger beer

-1 part lime juice

Method: Pour Amaro, ginger beer and lime juice over crushed ice and garnish with a lime wedge.

Monte on the Rocks


3 parts Amaro Montenegro

Method: Pour over ice (optional, add a touch of orange zest)

M & M

-1 part Amaro Montenegro

-1 part Mezcal

Method: Simply mix the Amaro and the Mezcal

Amaro Montenegro can be purchased for a SRP of $33.00 USD for a 750ml bottle. For more information, visit:

Photo Credit: Gruppo Montenegro

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