Shen Wei's Stephen Xue and Houston Ballet's Stanton Welch to Talk DANCING THE RITE OF SPRING, 5/17


"Dancing The Rite of Spring", A Conversation between Shen Wei Dance Arts Company Manager Stephen Xue and Houston Ballet's Artistic Director Stanton Welch will be held on Friday, May 17 at 6:30 P.M.

The pair will discuss choreographing one of the most famous works performed to Igor Stravinsky's 100-year-old score The Rite of Spring. Houston Ballet performed Stanton Welch's The Rite of Spring in March 2013; Shen Wei Dance Arts will perform Shen Wei's Rite of Spring on Saturday, May 18 at p.m. in the Wortham Center's Brown Theater.

The conversation will be held on Friday, May 17, 6:30 -7:30 p.m. at Houston Ballet Center for Dance, 601 Preston Street, Houston 77002. FREE - and open to the public.

Founded by Shen Wei of China, the New York City-based Shen Wei Dance Arts is devoted to the creation of innovative dance forms for the 21st century. While in Houston the Company will perform two of its most celebrated works: Rite of Spring (2003), coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Igor Stravinsky's famed musical composition; and Folding (2000), a highly stylized piece performed to the music of John Tavener and Tibetan Buddhist chants.

For the performance of Shen Wei Dance Arts, tickets are still available and may be purchased online at or by calling 713-227-4772.