NYTB Celebrates 35 Years and 67 of Diana

NYTB Celebrates 35 Years and 67 of Diana

In August, New York Theatre Ballet will be 35, and Diana will be 67! As a tribute to Diana on this shared occasion, please make a donation to the Byer Fellowship Fund.

Under Diana's leadership, the Company has grown into a highly respected presence in the dance world. It has been seen in NYC and across the country and abroad, giving families and the most experienced ballet goers the best in dance. For years, we have also given free training to at-risk and homeless kids in our award-winning LIFT Program.

NYTB's 2012/13 season garnered extraordinary reviews.

Brian Siebert of The New York Times said, NYTB "is producing new work as good as - and often better than - its bigger siblings."
Deborah Jowitt of Arts Journal wrote, "We have two world-class companies in New York. It's fortunate that we also have a small one as enterprising as New York Theatre Ballet."
The Byer Fellowship was established in 2006 to recognize Diana's achievements and reputation for excellence. The Fund covers the salaries of two NYTB dancers, designated as Byer Fellows.

Your tax-deductible contribution of $67, $134, $670, $6,700 or anything in between will be a special and well-deserved tribute to Diana and the Company.

We hope you'll also join us on November 1st for a special performance to share a birthday cake and wine. Please donate now as much as you can, and hold the date.

To donate, click here.